Christopher Fallon: A Democrat We Conservatives Should Get Behind

Editors Note: Red Mass Group has learned that Monica Medeiros, the candidate who received the most votes in the Melrose City Council Election, is collecting signatures to run as a Republican.

In 2012, Red Mass Group endorsed one member of the Democrat party in a state leg. race because that Democrat (Rep Jim Miceli), despite his party affiliation, was a true conservative.

Christopher Fallon and Scott BrownI think Red Mass Group should repeat that act in an upcoming special election, for the 5th Middlesex state senate seat (thats Malden, Melrose, Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield & Winchester). Democrat Catherine Clark gave up her state senate seat when she got elected to Congress. There will be a special election to choose who will replace her. There are no Republicans running in the special election. However, one of the Democrats running (Rep Christopher Fallon) is a pretty solid conservative, just like Jim Miceli. Red Mass Group should encourage conservatives in the district to get behind him.

Christopher Fallon earned a 100% rating from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, and earned a 0% rating from the pro-abortion NARAL Massachusetts and a 0% from Planned Parenthood Massachusetts. Fallon is the sponsor of legislation to protect the teaching of the Bible in our public high schools. He’s voted to rein in EBT use and abuse. He’s for Secure Communities, and voted to keep illegals out of public housing. Hes voted for Voter ID to protect the integrity of our elections. He voted to override Cadillac Deval’s veto of Three Strikes.

Maybe most well-known, Christopher Fallon was the only sitting Democrat on Beacon Hill to blow off the Democrat party Machine and endorse Scott Brown against Lizzie Warren. That took guts and conviction.

The bottom line is that, if you can get past the D that Fallon keeps next to his name (obviously just to help keep the moonbats off his back), Christopher Fallon is a real deal conservative, at least on Beacon Hill. If a Democrat has to hold the 5th Middlesex senate seat, it might as well be a conservative like Fallon.

Red Mass Group should embrace Fallon’s candidacy.

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