Christie’s Bridge(Gate) to Nowhere: What About Obama?

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono mentioned this scandal during one of her debates with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Arguing that because Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich refused to endorse the governor, she indicted Christie for  retaliating by tying up traffic at George Washington Bridge.

Following his impressive reelection last year, Governor Christie was cruising into the national spotlight with greater ambitions awaiting him.  The George Washington Bridge scandal has now reached front page new on websites and national newspapers. Reports of internal memos suggest that Christie operatives knew about or directly positions the blocking of lanes along one of the busiest freeway thoroughfares in the country.

The governor has faced quite a firestorm over this scandal. He has fired one member of his staff, and pressured another not to run for Chairman of the New Jersey Republican Party.

Media affiliates are going nuts over this scandal. covered this story with five — five! — different headshots of the governor. Give me a break!

Granted, Christie has not been on conservatives’ or even national Establishment Republicans “Good Boy” List. From his enthusiastic support for President Obama during the Superstorm Sandy disaster in 2012, to his blunt indictment of the House Republicans following their delay to send federal aid to the Northeast, and even his cozy relationship with Democrats in the Garden State, the moderate-conservative Republican Governor has appealed to the media and to Democrats more often than not.

Now, about this whole BridgeGate scandal. Let’s consider that Christie took to the press-mike for two hours to explain the situation, apologize for this “frustrated and embarrassing” turn of events. Ben Shapiro commented on “Truth Revolt” that the same media which had propped him has now turned on him. This allegation has some merit, considering that the fawning over his potential campaign for President in 2016 created a lot of buzz and business for the dying weekly news magazines. Time Magazine featured him in a mafia-like headshot, followed by a rude, off-color joke reporting on his two-to-one reelection in November.

Conservatives argued, and perhaps rightly so, that the media wants to redefine the Republican brand into a centrist flavor which will not only turn off conservative voters in the future, but assure the dominance of the decayed Democratic brand,.

Putting aside all the political posturing about this erupting scandal, this bridge of bad press is really going nowhere, and taking us away from national priorities of greater merits. How many scandals has the Obama Administration been implicated if? From the IRS’ abusive targeting of conservative groups, to Operation Fast and Furious, to the disastrous Obamacare rollout, which is rolling out personal information while driving up healthcare costs and driving away medical practitioners from the medical profession, President Obama and his staff are swimming, no drowning in scandal, dysfunction, and corruption.

And of course, there’s Benghazi, with recent investigations pointing out that terrorist groups did indeed target the American consulate, which resulted in the violent deaths of four people. What about BridgeGate? Emergency vehicles were stalled because of the snarled traffic, which may or may not have resulted in deaths, but the allegation that Christie or his staff should face criminal charges for the George Washington Bridge back-up is not only ridiculous, but patently offensive in light of the outrageous dysfunction and misconduct generated by the Obama administration over the past five years.

Once again, Breitbart News should blush for covering this story with so much time and data. Now more than ever, conservatives, Republicans, and every disaffected Democrat tired of socialist-progressive policies should be looking for any leader, any governor, who is willing to take responsibility for his staff, and more importantly it’s time for the media to devote more of its attention to an inattentive, insolent, and ultimately incompetent presidential administration in Washington D.C. Not the lane-blocking at the George Washington Bridge, but the law-breaking and arbitrary executive actions of this President and his staff require intense scrutiny, investigations, and strong follow-up.

Christie’s Bridge(Gate) really goes nowhere, and has become distraction from President Barack Obama’s “Nowhere yet Everywhere” failure of an administration. It’s time for Americans, especially the conservative media affiliates in our country, to stop with the Christie-Crush (and the Christie-crushing) and focus on principles, policies, and people who want to restore constitutional rule, limited government, and individual liberty as focal points of the United States civic culture.  

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