As Governor, Baker Would Seek Obamacare Waiver Every Week Until Granted

Yesterday, Charlie Baker told Bostn Herald Radio, that he would seek a waiver from provisions of the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – that are poised to hurt Massachusetts, every week until it was granted.  These are the same waivers an overwhelming bipartisan majority of both houses of the Massachusetts legislature asked Governor Patrick to seek last year.  The waivers were denied. has the SHNS story:

Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker blasted federal intrusion into the Massachusetts health care reform effort Tuesday, saying the state should continue to seek certain Affordable Care Act waivers, which have been rejected by the Obama administration.

Before Obamacare, Baker told Boston Herald Radio, Massachusetts was “seven years ahead of the federal government” on health care reform, with 97 percent of residents covered and a website that he said worked. “People could find the plans they wanted to find and buy them. And while the cost of health care here is high, people were making do and it seemed to be working,” he said.

Baker said he was disappointed by the waiver’s rejection after lawmakers from both major parties passed a law requiring Gov. Deval Patrick to seek one. In particular, Baker said, Massachusetts under Obamacare risks losing ground on small group and individual health insurance.

This is exactly the kind of leadership Massachusetts needs.  The full Herald Radio interview can be listened to after the jump.

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