Yarmouth Register: Rep. Cleon Turner announces retirement

(This is a great pick up opportunity for Republicans

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Thinking local is the key to victory for Democrats. With Rep. Turner retiring what are the prospects for a GOP pick-up in 2014?

On Wednesday, Dec. 4,  Rep. Cleon H. Turner, D-Dennis, formally announced that he will not seek re-election and will retire on Jan. 6, 2015, after ten years of service in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Turner said that he ran for the Legislature because he wanted to reconnect the state government with community needs. Having bridged that gap, he said Wednesday, he is proud of his work with town administrators, selectmen and other local officials in formulating and passing home rule petitions and dealing with state agencies.

“Reminding my colleagues that Cape Codders are not all rich and that Cape communities have significant issues with housing, homelessness, education funding, elderly issues, mental illness and other issues remains a challenge that I will continue to work on in my  final year in office and that the Cape delegation mustn’t give up on,” Turner said.

Anybody up for the race? The Cape doesn’t seem to be as conservative as RMGers seem to think. Turner was pretty liberal.  

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