Unsubsidized CommonwealthChoice Members to Get No Extensions

According to numerous published reports, Monday December 23, 2013 is the day that those wishing to purchase unsubsidized insurance from the Massachusetts Health Connector have to select and pay for a plan to be covered on January 1, 2014.  If that deadline is missed, they will not have coverage as CommonwealthChoice unsubsidized plans are not being extended like subsidized plans are at the Massachusetts Health Connector.  As recently as today people were having trouble getting on the system as told the Health Connector’s facebook page.

Hannah Orestis, a Commonwealth Choice customer sums up the problem as such.

I think it’s terrible that because of your dysfunctional website many people are worried about their health insurance coverage for 2014. The deadline is next Monday and still nothing appears to be fixed. You keep telling me coverage will be extended for commonwealth care members… This does not help the people who have insurance through commonwealth choice. I have been calling for over a month and am told someone will get back to me yet no one has. One of your managers Taula said she would get back to me first thing this morning. I received no phone call and was just told to give it a couple of days and keep trying. What are you going to do for us? We are required to have health insurance or we get penalized. It makes it difficult to do so when your website is still not functioning and no one returns your calls as promised.

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Jason Lefferts, the spokesman of the Health Connector Authority, told Red Mass Group, “there is no extension on unsubsidized plans. Those currently enrolled have to re-enroll by their renewal date (Dec. 31, Jan. 31, Feb. 27 or March 31) or by April 1 if their policy runs later than that.”

There are five full business days left for those unsubsized people who have not been able to get a plan to select one and purchase it.  As of Friday, December 13, 2013 there were only 1400 people who had selected such a plan.

Lefferts has asked Red Mass Group to get him the names of anyone who has not been able to purchase unsubsidized coverage, ” I don’t think I’m aware of anyone having trouble on the unsubsidized side. If you do know someone, I really want to make sure we talk to them, so either have that person call me or give me some contact info.”

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