Sunday Morning News: Dec 22, 2013 – Open Thread

Please drop by Sunday to discuss the news shows starting with Fox News Sunday at 9am.  Feel free to talk about the Sunday shows, about local politics, or anything at all.

Until then, consider watching The DMZ which features local liberal political commentator Bill Scher pitted against conservative columnist Matt Lewis from The Daily Caller. This week they discuss Duck Dynasty and Pajama Boy.

Highlights for this Sunday:

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    I don’t have cable and have only caught an episode or two of Duck Dynasty when over my folks’ house. I glanced at the wikipedia page to get caught up on what the show was all about and there was this tidbit:

    “In 2012, Phil Robertson stated on Sports Spectrum, a Christian sports publication, that he confronted producers about editors of the show telling them not to say Jesus’ name while praying at the end of episodes, and that they added intermittent bleeps over random portions of the cast’s unscripted dialogue although there was no profanity being spoken. Robertson cited the issues as part of spiritual warfare, that there was no swearing that needed to be edited out, and the prayers were being censored to avoid offending non-Christian religious people. A&E did not comment on the claims.”

    The whole idea that a network would go out of their way to make it seem as if profanity was being used when it really wasn’t seems to say something awful about the networks and the culture they try to push. There used to be words you couldn’t say on TV, and now you must say them, and if you don’t, the networks will give the appearance you did! That seems so wrong.