RIP Nelson Mandela

South African Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela died peacefully yesterday at his home. He was 95 years old.

The anti-Aparthied revolutionary icon who spent 27 years in prison as punishment for his attacks against South Africa’s racist regime also led his country to democracy & became the nation’s first black president.

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It wasn’t easy. Mandela’s renunciation of violence made it possible for him to work with then-South African president Frederik Willem de Klerk to find a political solution to the nation’s troubles. His election in 1994 as President ended the nation’s global status as an international pariah & paved the way for black South Africans to have full equality.

Perhaps Mandela’s biggest contribution towards national healing was his creation & promulgation of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission that was charged with investigating past human rights abuses & had provided a platform for the airing of grievances. For South Africans across the political & color spectrum, the process of watching victims forgiving those victimizers who publicly asked for forgiveness was a cathartic one.

Like America’s George Washington (& unlike most African leaders of the post-colonial era), Mandela never sought political power as a way to enrich himself. He stepped down from the Presidency & enjoyed his private life.

He formed the Nelson Mandela Foundation & The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund as a way to do charitable work.

Mandela was a selfless humanitarian & a genuine statesman. He will be greatly missed. RIP, Madiba.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    He traveled all the way to South Africa in late June so Nelson Mandela could die in his arms and to all’s surprise Mandela got better.  Poor Barry went all the way there for nothing….  What a photo op Obama was hoping for…

    The liberal American media would have had an orgasm….

    Instead Barry will just have to be happy that Mandela’s death will take the headlines off of Obamacare its its obvious morbidity.  Truthfully, I thought Obamacare would die before Mandela..  Oh well….

  • …they were on the opposite side of where Nelson Mandela stood, supporting the South African Apartheid system, opposing divestiture efforts and sanctions against the oppressive regime that imprisoned Mandela.  

    For me, Mandela is a symbol of what can be…not what is.  That is about as opposite of a definition of what it means to be conservative.  American conservatives opposed the fundamental change that Mandela fought his entire life to achieve.  I’m happy you fee the way you do, but you embrace an ideology that fought Mandela every step of his incredible journey.

  • Newton4G

    Nelson Mandela, Patron Saint of Jew Haters