Quick thoughts on the Polito pick for LG

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It’s official Charlie Baker has picked former state rep Karyn Polito as his running-mate.

Some quick observations:

1) The ticket is a pretty good fit geographically. Western MA voters should be happy.

2) Polito did reasonably well in 2010 in her unsuccessful run for state Treasurer against Steve Grossman. She also has legislative experience.

3) The Yankee-Italian makeup is not to be discounted. See Weld-Cellucci during the glory years. In the Cellucci mold, she brings a decent resume of experience in the House; she would be tasked with interacting with the legislature.

4) Conservatives should be pleased generally and the Tea Party shouldn’t complain. Polito is no RINO (a term we hate).

5) The Polito pick is a move to diversify the GOP slate statewide (expect more to come even if finding candidates for all four major statewide seats is a struggle.)

6) This should mildly worry the Democrats who have no break-out candidate and are yielding the slow-motion month of December to the MA-GOP.

7) Inside sources suggest that Polito’s pick is an endorsement of the NewMasssPlaybook which emphasizes minimizing the electoral gap for GOP candidates in urban districts. No wonder the GOP’s convention will take place in Boston next year.

8) As in 2010, the GOP ticket allows candidates to max out on donations before year end, an advantage that can’t take place on the Democratic side.

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  • We’ll see whether she will help him. There must be a new focus on urban campaigning. NMP and others have began this movement, but we will see whether Polito can urge Chuckles to get his act together, get out of Swampscott and go into the inner cities and find votes there. This is possible, but Baker has to want to do it. Polito is a good pick, but the bottom line is whether Baker will do the work, and I think he will not. The last publicity stunt I saw Chuckles in the city for was the gay rights parade, so we’ll see whether she helps someone who’s that dumb.

  • a great selection in Karyn Polito. She has the ability to bring the establishment and conservative wings of the party together, something we have not seen since Scott Brown’s win in 2010. I’m glad someone finally figured out that you need the conservatives on your side if you have any chance of victory.  

  • Salemst

    Karyn Polito is a great choice a, solid, attractive, personable, smart, normal, and energetic conservative.

    Huge improvement over Baker’s last choice.  I see her, Shauna O’Connor, and the sharp woman who lost for State Treasurer last time as three who should be the face of the party.

    Karyn Polito makes me more enthusiastic about Baker.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Neither one of them is gay, black or a communist.  Those are all requirements to hold public office in Massachusetts…..Or so I am told by my liberal friends…

    Maybe Deval Patrick will run again – he is the trifecta….

  • but I’m not sure I understand point #7.  How is she going to help the ticket in urban areas?