POLITICO picks up on Health Connector Woes

Former State House News Service, now POLITICO health care reporter, Kyle D. Cheney has a devastating piece on how Obamacare broke the Massachusetts Health Connector.  You can read it here:

Massachusetts’s experiment with health reform – led by Gov. Mitt Romney in 2006 – has long been a White House talking point about what America could look like under Obamacare. President Barack Obama flew to Boston in October to reassure the nation that his own health law would turn out just fine, despite its disastrous rollout. Massachusetts built its exchange in 2007, with its own balky rollout, and the state now boasts the country’s lowest uninsurance rate.

That narrative is under threat. Massachusetts is struggling to rebuild its exchange, known as the Connector, to comply with the Affordable Care Act. New federal subsidy levels and broader Medicaid coverage mean that tens of thousands of people have to enroll or re-enroll but are hitting those glitches. That’s led to a blame game.

Click the link, read the whole story.  

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