Pioneer on TV: Federal Overreach in Healthcare & Education

Hi all, happy holidays. We have two really great media video clips for you – about 4-6 minutes each, both about what happens when the federal government oversteps its limits. Both well worth your time:

 The first is Pioneer Healthcare Director Josh Archambault, who talked with Mike Nikitas on NECN's Broadside last night about the Obamacare website problems, the fact that the administration is expecting 7 million people to sign up by March while only 200,000 have so far; and the fact that we're seeing cancellations and premium increases instead of the lower costs and greater coverage we were promised.


   The second video is Pioneer Executive Director Jim Stergios, who was on Fox News Channel this weekend discussing Common Core education standards, and some of the bizarre teaching practices that it is mandating – such as having kids read the Gettysburg Address with no context, no mention of the Civil War, in order to "level the playing field" among students with different backgrounds.


As Jim points out, this is not an anomaly, this is the philosophy underlying Common Core – in their minds it's unfair to suppose that kids have historical context. This seems more like a Race to the Bottom, the least common denominator, removing human agency from history.

In both healthcare and education, the evidence we've seen so far points to at least one clear conclusion: putting the federal government in control is creating more problems than it is solving.    

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