Part IV – Inalienable Rights – Life !

There once lived a judge who had to make a determination between 2 people, of whose life was more valuable and more promising than the other for the future of mankind.

The first person was a young, very healthy man. This man had scored well throughout his school years.  He was recently married and just found out he is going to be a new father. After serving one year in the Peace Corp, volunteering to feed the hungry, he just started a new career.

The second person was an older, sickly man in his 70’s.  Decrepit, unhealthy and who had been a loner his entire life.  He was not married and had no children. In addition, his doctors have just diagnosed him with inoperable cancer. The doctors have given him 10 months to live.

Whose life is more valuable than the other?

Who has the most to offer mankind… in the future?

What you do not know, and the judge did not know, is that the older sickly man had gotten sick from working 20 hours a day, searching for a cure for cancer.  He had no family… no children… because he sacrificed those blessings, in a quest to find the cure.   In addition, this old man has cancer because he had injected himself with the cancer… in order to test the actual cure for cancer… he had just discovered.

Would that change your opinion?

Of course it would.

But some might say this is an extreme example.  It’s not representative of reality and the law of averages.  The example is simply unrealistic in many minds.

So let’s take a larger sample, a population of 55 million people.  Would you say the odds were pretty good that at least one of these 55 million people might be gifted?  Could an even larger percentage of the people simply be good people?  Individuals with unique talents, who could lead productive and contributing lives?

Without any doubt, you would answer… of course… there exists at least the possibility.

So then why have we legally killed all 55 million of these people thru abortion since 1973?

Were these lives less important than others?

(I need you to pause here, really think about this and be truthful to yourself.  This could be an important, honest moment in your own life.)

If we currently outlaw the destruction of a Bald Eagle’s Egg because we recognize that within that Bald Eagle egg exists the possibility of a live Bald Eagle chick…. then why do we allow the destruction of human babies, who are not even lying dormant in eggs… but who have heartbeats and unique DNA?

An inconvenient life does not negate the importance of that life. Decisions that come with life and the creation of a new life… also must come with responsibility. But in a society of victims, and the “oh poor me” attitude that often accompanies a society in decline, personal responsibility is often abandoned.

In a culture of death, where residents live in darkness and lies, the basic right to life is often the first right attacked.  By attacking an individual’s basic, inalienable right to life, forces of darkness are attempting to attack the corner stone of our strong society… and what actually makes us all human… the basic right which upon all other rights arise… the sacredness of Life itself.

If you can convince the population that there are varying degrees of life… that there exists differences between the  quality of lives, than you can convince very good people that there are some lives more valuable than others.

(That’s the funny thing about accepting a small lie… first.  Once accepted, then a series of additional arguments and advocations can be made… upon the foundation of the first lie… that causes an endless cycle of additional lies and eventually… a total perversion of thinking.  The end result being… unimaginable acts of disgrace and horror becoming the norm.)

At this point, a government of the people and for the people…. can kill the people.  And the people being killed and having their children and senior parents killed… applaud and elect their own killers. This is the definition of absurdity… and a dying nation.

It is not the right of one man to judge the value of another man’s life.   Any leader or potential leader, who does not grasp such a simple, basic concept of life and its sacredness, does not currently have the sound judgment and reasoning, to grasp even more complex worldly concepts and issues.

Our founders recognized that all men have the inalienable Right to Life… to Liberty. An Inalienable Right is a right that cannot be taken away or denied.


So we declare once again… That All Men are created equal, and are endowed by their creator with certain, inalienable rights… Amongst these are Life.  

We reaffirm that each Human Life is sacred… from the moment of conception to the moment of death.

We reaffirm the personal responsibility that comes with the gift of life… and the understanding that life does not guarantee happiness… just the inalienable right to pursue it.

We also acknowledge that once born, an individual’s actions throughout their life, will determine the consequences and outcome of that individual’s life.  

If an individual steps in front of a train going at full speed… odds are good they will lose their life.  If they engage in sex without contraception, odds are good they will create a new life.  If there is law on the books which states that if you do a serious violent crime against another human life, you will lose your own life…. And if they do that crime… they have in affect… killed themselves.

We also recognize that each individual has the right to defend their own lives from those who are seeking to harm them.

In the end, Government is the reflection of the people being governed.  In order to become prosperous, to become a dignified nation once again Life must be the building block upon which are government is reborn and all other rights are acknowledged and granted.

To be Continued…

This is all til after the New Year.  I would like to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

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