Part III – A New Waypoint

They say a Rose is most beautiful right before it dies. Its sheer beauty, its fragrance… its outward appearance to others hides the sad truth that in just a matter of days… it will turn brown, its petals will fall and it will soon dissolve back to from “whence it came”.

My Beloved Country… Our beloved Country… is also beginning the journey of returning to “from whence it came… It’s People”. But unlike the Rose… which can only die… Our Country can be healed. Redemption and a new Renaissance can be found. And the people, black and white, red and yellow, rich and poor, young and old… working together… can create a new waypoint for the broken compass.

The old becomes new again… and our Original Declaration of Independence now becomes our Reclamation of Independence.

As I stated previously, we were born into this world a disheveled people. Fleeing persecution, fighting tyranny and ultimately seeking a better life for the ones we love. Our soil, nourished by the blood of our ancestors, would give rise to a humble people blessed by God… who together… achieved great things.

And as we marched into our destiny, and freed ourselves and others from Nazi thugs, despot rulers and tyrannical kings, we became a symbol for everything that is kind and gentle… strong and noble… in every human being. We were the Defenders of Life… Of Liberty… but no more. We have become what we once despised.

So it is now time to replace the broken compass. To erase what we have been told… and establish a new waypoint. To put aside foolish and childish ways… and now become adults. To become what we were all born to be.

This is the Master Reset! Programming begins now…

“We Hold these Truths to be self-evident – That All Men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights… amongst these are Life… Liberty… and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Truth is self-evident. To deny truth is to be wrong. At any one moment and place in time…. there exists only one truth. Everything else, but the truth, just forms the basis of a lie. And little lies… lead to bigger lies. .. A Slippery Slope of Deceit!

And the following truths are self-evident. (If you can’t see it… can’t recognize it… or disagree with it… the problem exists in the programming of your own motherboard. Maybe it’s time to format the drive. )

All men are created equal. The Human Soul is equal in the eyes of God. There will always be physical differences between us… but differences do not mean inequality. From the moment of conception to the moment of our death… we are all equal. Differences merely make us unique. And it’s this wonderful uniqueness that creates a celebration of the diversity and joyful experience called Life. And just because we are created equal, does not mean we are the same. We are still all individuals, with unique gifts and talents… with different capacities to think, love and care. We enter the world naked and alone… what we do when we are in this world is of our own choice… and often makes the difference between happy and shattered lives. 

We are endowed by our creator – We as a nation believe in the existence of a Creator. That this nation believes in the existence of the Great God Almighty, without whom, we would not exist. We are a God fearing nation… we do not subscribe to… nor will we ever accept the official state religion of Atheism. (Remember, having no religion is actually having a religion… of no religion.) This nation was founded on a belief of a creator. That is simply the truth.

And the Great God Almighty himself, endowed all of us, with undeniable rights – Amongst these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

To be continued…

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