ObamaTurf: Over Half on Faneuil Hall Stage With Obama From Group Who Got $2.5M in OCare Grants

On October 30, 2013 President Barack Obama gave a speech at Boston’s Faneuil Hall, aimed at quelling a growing groundswell against the implementation of his signature achievement.  Behind the President were 32 people, who were billed as supporters of the Affordable Care Act.  But they were more than mere supporters, over half – by there own admission- were affiliated with the progressive community organizing, and advocacy group Health Care for All.  And over the past few years they have been recipients of over $2.5M in Obamacare grants.

As reported previously by Red Mass Group, public documents show that in Fiscal Year 2012 and 2013 Health Care for All received over $1.8M in grant money to publicly advocate for people to sign up for Obamacare.  In FY 2014 they are poised to receive more than $700,000 to continue this work.  Including knocking on 40,000 doors in a canvass effort.

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Through an examination of photography and video from the President’s visit, it appears that there were 32 people on the Faneuil Hall stage with the President.  Health Care for All in a blog post bragged that they were responsible for 17 of them.

Health Care For All can boast credit for delivering more than 20 consumers to the White House staff members who were responsible for organizing the event. Most of the people we suggested were incorporated either on the stage or in the audience. Of the people on stage, 17 were HCFA staff, partners, or consumers. Even a week later, we are still walking a bit above the ground after the President’s historic appearance, and we hope that he will return again when he needs to be reminded face to face of what the successful implementation of Obamacare looks like. Thank you Mr. President.

Over half of the people who were “supporters” of the President’s health care plan were actually affiliated with a group his and Deval Patrick’s administration are paying over $2.5M to shill for his program.  Not exactly grassroots support. There is a term for that, and its AstroTurf, or in this case ObamaTurf.

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