MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Gets Bashed

For decades, from the ascendancy and preeminence of Walter Cronkite until the chronic, heated attacks against Republican President George W. Bush, the mainstream media has exposed its left-leaning bias without any shame. Aside from an engaging twenty-minute interview/dialogue between Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart in 2011, plus marginal efforts from conservative websites like any effective attempts to expose and undermine this damaging bias remained non-committal or ineffective.

This year, following the growing success of to unseat the New York Post and other mainstream publications, editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro launched a new movement, Truth Revolt, to hold liberal and left-leaning media conglomerates accountable for offensives, specious, as well as false and misleading.

With a cadre of two hundred plus volunteers, online petitions, and threatening boycotts to selected sponsors, Truth Revolt has succeeded in drawing out apologies or silencing offensive news-casters altogether.

From Breitbart to Truth Revolt, the American right, the conservative and the libertarian, limited government elements in this country are rising up and fighting back against the liberal bent of the mainstream media.

The Los Angeles based Jewish Journal printed an offensive cartoon depicting a Muslim terrorist connected with the Tea Party Movement, entitled “Tea-Hadist.” The editor-in-chief Rob Eshman issued an apology following the massive back-lash against the publication, spear-headed by Truth Revolt.

Loudmouth liberal (read abusive and malicious) actor Alec Baldwin would utter offensive gay slurs sporadically, yet the unheeded silence from the left was just as offensive. Only in the last two weeks, following the weak beginning of his own liberal talk-show, Baldwin vilely mouthed off at a paparazzo, all of which went viral, and Baldwin was canned from his fledgling (and failing) show.

Martin Bashir’s final conservative bashing comments, which crashed his career, began by labeling her “America’s resident dunce Sarah Palin”, followed by a two-minute tirade diminishing Palin, which I will refer to later.

Baldwin tweeted the following in sorrowful solidarity with his liberal media colleague:

Bashir created great television.

Before Palin, Bashir’s interviews included outrageous, inflammatory comments against other conservatives. Bashir attempted to corner Andrew Breitbart with allegations of distortion and lies. Breitbart stood his ground, refused to bow down.

Bashir once referred to military veteran and former Presidential candidate as a “chicken-hawk.”

Bashir also commented about Michael Jackson:

The first time I ask him, have you had your cheekbones raised, have you had your nose changed? He denied it all. I was asking him to compare his face with what it looked like years ago.

How are such questions journalism, or even remotely appropriate? Following the untimely death of the pop star, Bashir acknowledged his controversy-spinning in his documentary Living with Michael Jackson.

Perhaps because of the time slot for his program Nightline, Bashir felt comfortable confessing to the misleading elements in his documentary.

In a stunning reversal on his own show, Bashir was cornered by Breitbart editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro.  While the twenty-year-old conservative activist outlined the leftist slant in media, all of which helped create an Obama victory in 2008, Bashir mumbled:

“The media has assisted every other political competitor in exactly the same way.”

Wrong. From the slanders against Sarah Palin, to the Oprah effect which buoyed the first black President to the White House, Shapiro bashed Bashir’s presumptions.

In a heated exchange with Tea Party leader Larry Klayman, Bashir placed the blame for the October 2013 government shut down on US Senator Ted Cruz:

“Severe conservatives like Ted Cruz leading a rump of true believers. . .almost led the nation into default.”

Apparently, Bashir does not understand the American federal government, which requires compromise and comity among two branches of the Congress and the President. The Senate Majority leader refused to meet with the House, and President Obama had refused to meet with legislators from either party.

While castigating conservatives, he reared up against the media and legal inquiries following the death of Trayvon Martin:

“They insist on imposing on his slight young frame an identity that implies criminality, juvenile delinquency, and the all around characteristics of a trouble-maker. This is not only deeply offensive to his family, but also a gross form of character assassination.”

Now we return to Bashir’s offensive remarks about Palin. Taking umbrage with Palin’s analogy of the exploding national debt with slavery, Bashir called Palin a “world class idiot”, then referred to the copious notes of a slave-owner’s son named Thomas Thistlewood, including a disgusting, dehumanizing form of punishment in which:

“A slave named Derby catched eating canes, had him well-flogged and pickled, then made Hector [another slave] sh*t in his mouth.”

In his a condescending finale, Bashir then suggested: “If anyone qualifies for Derby’s discipline [someone s**tting and p**ssing in someone else’s mouth], then she would be the outstanding candidate.”

The following week, he offered an extended apology for his disrespectful remarks. But the damage was done, and the outcry from conservative activists reached such a vocal pitch, including demands for MSNBC sponsors to pull their ads, that Bashir finally submitted his resignation.

Bashir got discipline of his own, and resigned not a moment too soon.

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