Menino’s Parting Shot – Smoking Illegal in Boston’s Public Parks

Tom Menino fired a Bloombergian final shot, as he leaves office. He got the City Council to ban smoking in Boston’s Public Parks.  The ban takes place immediately.

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The Boston Parks and Recreation Commission has approved a ban on smoking in city-run parks.

The ban approved Monday takes effect immediately and applies to tobacco, marijuana and other “lighted or vaporized” substances. Violators face a fine of up to $250.

The ban covers the 251 parks, squares, cemeteries and other spaces run by the Parks and Recreation Department, including Boston Common, the Public Garden and Franklin Park.

Menino’s putting a chill on hempfest man.

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  • geo999

    Doubtful that this ridiculous ban will hold up to a competent court challenge.

  • Look. The left doesn’t like cigarettes, so they ban them– and ecigs too.

    There is no health impact from second-hand smoke. None. The science is settled.

    This is all about using government to reward the favored tribe.