MassGOP Wants your Platform Input

(For those who are saying the MassGOP didn’t ask for platform input.  Well there is this from December of 2013. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes just sent out the following email.

You’re going to love this…

This is unprecedented and I hope you will take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.

In 2014, the Massachusetts Republican Party will adopt its Platform and we want YOUR input. We want your candid feedback to help us craft the Platform which will be presented at our state convention in March.

To have your voice heard, please answer a few questions. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete and your opinion will be compiled with other Republicans across the state and presented to the Mass Republican Platform Committee on January 4, 2014. The Platform Committee would like to hear from YOU — so this is your chance to help us shape this important guide for our Party.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Kirsten Hughes


The form is after the jump.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Is there anyone out there that does not support energy independence, religious liberty, helping the disabled or want to combat human trafficking?  Sounds like it might be a rather short line of people…

    Let me ask you all a question.  When was the last time the Chairman of the Board of your company sent out an email asking for all employees to help determine the priorities and direction of the vision statement?  If he/she did what would your response be?  

    Its nice that she wants buy-in for the process, but creating a system by which the priorities and direction of the vision statement are determined by democratic process is not why she was elected.  She was elected to lead, and you can not lead from behind..  

    I would much rather she stand up and say ‘Damnit, this is where the party needs to go and what it needs to support, this is why I am here, and here is how we are going to get there.  (banging fist on counter) And anybody that doesn’t like it can run for my job in a year or two, but in the meantime get the hell out of the way because I am not taking no for an answer..’  

    Nobody wants to follow a poll taker.  People want to follow a leader…..

  • edfactor

    Hey MassGOP –

    You suck.

    Your form is broken. It won’t accept 1 values for priority for no reason. It doesn’t let me choose MA but makes me type it. Then it makes me choose from a long list of countries?

    And the content. So if I am for gay marriage I then have to say that I am against traditional marriage? What homophobic jerks you are. And then, what if I am part of the majority of Republicans who want comprehensive immigration reform? The House GOP is against that and the Senate bill that is favored by 2/3 of Republicans. But you ask me if I favor the HouseGOP’s immigration reform efforts? When they are trying to stop or drop it? Was that an attempt to get me to think they are trying to reform it? How do I indicate that I am for immigration reform, by saying that I am against them?

    You don’t have to agree with me. But if you wanted me opinion, you should have asked me for it, rather than tried to get me to see things your way.

    What a total failure.  

  • …it isn’t often that moderates like Ed and extreme conservatives like V3PN agree on anything.  Great Job!

  • edfactor

    I got my concerns to Executive Director Cunningham through his facebook feed. He’s a great guy, so we will see what happens.

    But why would you release a broken, poorly-designed form on the 450,000 Republicans in this state? After two months lacerating President Obama for a broken website nobody thought to actually try the form? (If it didn’t accept any of the default values of any question, that means not one person tested it.) I already know two people who gave up and didn’t submit.

    Mr. Cunningham said that the wording was supposed to reflect how the party talks about things. It sounded like he meant at the national level – which I don’t care about here in MA. (If you think the Republicans from the gay marriage state need to talk about the issue like the ones down south do, you’ve already lost me.)

    The sneaky try-to-make-it-sound-like-the-House-GOP-wants-immigration-reform question is just like a lousy fundraising mailer I got from the RNC a few weeks ago. The HouseGOP does not want immigration reform. It treated the senate bill like a dead animal. Then it killed it for a year.

    Mr. Cunningham seemed to agree that the wording of that question was, at best, confusing. I said that they should just ask if we support a path to citizenship for illegals, since that’s the real issue here. As the majority of Republicans in America want this – and 2/3 of Republicans favor the current senate bill that just passed – they should just ask us a straightforward question.

    I have other complaints about the form:

    – 1-10 is just annoying to users. It should either be high or low or low-medium-high.

    – The ratings are too close to everything so it isn’t clear sometimes what goes with what. Also, the ratings drop down shouldn’t be that long.

    – Why are you asking if I support the disabled? What does that mean? Is is possible that the party platform will say that “no, we don’t support the disabled”? The question is an embarrassment because it has no context (e.g. a proposed law).

    – What does it mean to support the existence of the pledge of allegiance? Does anyone not support it existing? And what do the ratings mean in that context?

    In conclusion, this form makes us look like the gang that can’t shoot straight, again. If you’re going to ask the party membership their opinion, that’s great. But please test this on 100 people first, work out the kinks, and then release it to everyone else.

    That’s the professional way to go about this.

  • I filled this out this morning, and I had to use Netscape and not Chrome or IE, but the intent is not dissimilar to that which was done online for the 2012 Republican National Convention Platform process.

    I learned of this opportunity during Wednesday’s State Committee meeting and I am in favor of the public outreach.  This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen or heard some complaints about the form, however.

    I tried to rate something, and instead of what I listed it seemed to slip back to 1.  In that case, I got the error message about being unable to list it as 1, and I rated what I had wanted in the first place.

    Perhaps the form should’ve started at 0, and accepted 0-10.  🙂  

  • RRRR
  • edfactor

    This form was broken for a few days. It was a push poll on immigration and marriage. It had questions not really related to MA politics. We have no idea how many people used this or what their answers were.

    Even better – we have Amy Carnavale – apparently a fool – saying that because 39% of whoever filled this out (we have no idea) want no abortion or gay marriage – we should adopt those things. (Not – hey even the majority of our activists don’t want this stuff!)

    The Republican party of the state of Maine put their platform out for six months of public comment and it came out as a professional document instead of the piece of garbage the socons drafted in secret and passed with 20 minutes of discussion.

    The head of the MassGOP coming out yesterday against our own platform shows what a ship of fools we are. There is no way to defend this process. Everyone lost accept the bigots.