MassGOP State Committee Final Assignments

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From a memo distributed this evening by MassGOP Executive Director Rob Cunningham to the State Committee members.  I’ve reproduced it exactly for your reference.

— Brock

As you know, the regions elected their committee members.  All the reports are in, so we can round out the Committee Assignments.  In addition, there are two corrections and one addition, which was mentioned in the previous announcement.

The New Committee Membership List is as follows: (apologies for the length)

Executive Committee

MRP Chair:  Hughes, Kirsten

Vice-Chair:  Kangas, Jeanne

Treasurer:  Andersen, Brent

Secretary:  Davis, Angela

RNC Man:  Kaufman, Ron

RNC Woman:  Prunier, Chanel

Minority Leader:  Jones, Brad

Minority Leader:  Tarr, Bruce

Budget Chair:  Garon, Janet

Bylaws Chair:  Sisk, Matthew

Candidates Chair:  Noble, Luke

Finance Chair:  Crocker, Judy

Issues Chair:  McKenzie-Hebert, Mindy

Public Relations Chair:  Luther, Nancy

Registration Chair:  Cedrone, Christine

Reg 1:  Berrena, Rich

Reg 2:  McGrath, Ed

Reg 3:  Zykofsky, Steve

Reg 4:  Kemp, Rachel

Reg 5:  Cordeiro, Brock


Committee Chair: Garon, Janet

MRP Chair: Hughes, Kirsten

SC Vice Chair: Kangas, Jeanne

Treasurer: Anderson, Brent

Finance Chair: Crocker, Judy

Reg. 1: Gillmeister, Bill

Reg. 2: Burke, Brian

Reg. 3: Ventresca, Tony

Reg. 4: Aylward, Steve

Reg. 5:  Manzelli, Fran


Committee Chair: Sisk, Matthew

MRP Chair: Hughes, Kirsten

Reg. 1: Gillmeister, Bill

Reg. 2: McGrath, Ed

Reg. 3: Luther, Nancy

Reg. 4: Cowett, Michael

Reg. 5:  Cordeiro, Brock

Smiley, Susan

Dulchinos, Peter

Zykofsky, Stephen

Slade, Susan

Kangas, Jeanne


Committee Chair: Noble, Luke

MRP Chair: Hughes, Kirsten

Reg. 1: Bergeron, Mark

Reg. 2: St. Aubin, Patricia

Reg. 3: McCarthy, John

Reg. 4: Williams, Brad

Reg. 5:  Crocker, Judy

Cordeiro, Brock

Levesque, Becky

Townsend, Mark

Kangas, Jeanne

Palmer, Kim


Committee Chair: Crocker, Judy

MRP Chair: Hughes, Kirsten

Reg. 1: McCarthy, Tom

Reg. 2: Andersen, Brent

Reg. 3: Noble, Luke

Reg. 4: Cowett, Michael

Reg. 5:  Townsend, Mark

Barrett, Patricia

Garon, Janet

Andrulis, John

Early, Dot

McKenzie-Hebert, Mindy


Committee Chair: McKenzie-Hebert, Mindy

MRP Chair: Hughes, Kirsten

Reg. 1: Berrena, Rich

Reg. 2: Martinez, Sandi

Reg. 3: Conway, Scott

Reg. 4: Kelly, Joyce

Reg. 5:  Sisk, Matthew

Dulchinos, Peter

Cordeiro, Brock (Note:  Original List included scrivener’s error, showing Amy Carnevale in this position)

Case, Mike

Falcone, Jeannie

Bush, Barbara

Public Relations

Committee Chair: Luther, Nancy

MRP Chair: Hughes, Kirsten

Reg. 1: Bergeron, Marie

Reg. 2: Green, Rick

Reg. 3: Carnevale, Amy

Reg. 4: Mello, Horace

Reg. 5:  Andrews, Gordon

Mahoney, Elizabeth

McCoy, Barbara

Smiley, Susan

Sundstrom, Mimi

Carissella, Brittany


Committee Chair: Cedrone, Christine

MRP Chair: Hughes, Kirsten

Reg. 1: Andrulis, John

Reg. 2: Ardinger, Frank

Reg. 3: Adams, Paul

Reg. 4: Aylward, Steve

Reg. 5:  Falcone, Jeannie

Smiley, Susan

McCoy, Barbara

Almgren, Robin

Stanton, Thomas

Jennings, Patricia

SPECIAL COMMITTEES APPOINTED BY THE CHAIR (All non-Regular Members are voting members)


Committee Chair: Carnevale, Amy

Hughes, Kirsten

Kaufman, Ron

Prunier, Chanel

Kangas, Jeanne

Buckley, Peter

Conway, Scott

Doherty, Patricia

Gillmeister, Bill

Kelly, Joyce

Luther, Nancy

Martell, Deb

McKenzie-Hebert, Mindy

Mello, Horace

Potaski, Mike

Sisk, Matthew

Rep. Donald Wong


Committee Chair:  Rachel Kemp

Barstow, Lisa

Sundstrom, Mimi

Slade, Susan

Kemp, Rachel

Bain, Christina

Region Review

Committee Chair McGrath, Ed

Reg 1: Case, Mike

Reg 2: Cowett, Michael

Reg 3: Hatch, Helen

Reg 4: Leombruno, Janet

Reg 5: Manzelli, Fran

Hughes, Kirsten


Co-Chair: Aylward, Steve

Co-Chair: Holzer, Paul

Conway, Scott

Kangas, Jeanne

Cordeiro, Brock

Andrews, Gordon

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  • MerrimackMan

    2014 could be a great year. You need folks pushing the Democrats in those marginal seats, and we let them off the hook too many times.

  • While not all of the above are Standing Committees defined in the MassGOP Bylaws (adopted September 18, 2013), here are the duties for each Standing Committee as listed therein.


    Duties: The Budget Committee shall meet no later than October 15 for the preparation of the annual operating budget, to be submitted to the State Committee for approval by January 31 in each year. This budget shall be the basic planning document of the Party for the calendar year and shall include estimates of income, costs of fund-raising and proposed expenditures subdivided into proposed activities, including the total amount proposed to be set aside for candidates. The purpose of the Budget Committee shall be to assure that the budget has been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, that the information provided in the budget is complete, and that the Regular Members understand the budget in advance of its approval. The Budget Committee shall have general oversight powers with a continuing function to meet from time to time to review the implementation of the approved budget and to review and submit for State Committee approval supplemental budgets as necessary for the operation of the State Committee.


    Duties: The Candidates Committee shall be responsible for recruiting, training and assisting Republican candidates for all elective offices in the Commonwealth.


    Duties: The Finance Committee shall raise money for the State Committee, and shall seek to raise at least the amounts necessary to fund the annual operating budget of the State Committee, subject to state and federal campaign finance laws. It shall establish and assign equitable fundraising quotas to the local and regional committees, and may establish financial agreements with Republican organizations.


    Duties: The purpose of the Issues Committee is to encourage and promote issues activity throughout the Party, to the end that the Party is constantly considering and discussing its goals and basic principles. The Committee may conduct hearings in various regions of the Commonwealth to obtain comments and viewpoints from Party members and these should be publicized. It should invite new voters and Republicans to participate. The Issues Committee may also invite legislators, witnesses and guests to any meeting of the committee.

    Public Relations:

    Duties: It shall be the function of the Public Relations Committee to foster, promote and develop Republican proposals and Republicanism in order to inspire the Party members, and to advise the Party leadership as how best to present the Republican story to the public. The committee shall recommend and supervise statewide publicity, provide proposed media releases, develop data on incumbent Democrats, and shall be responsible for monitoring and responding to news articles, letters to the editor and editorials at the state and regional level.

    Registration and Membership:

    Duties: It shall be the function of the Registration and Membership Committee to encourage and promote local and regional efforts, to review the condition of local election machinery, including clerks, wardens and election commissioners, and to monitor program implementation at the state and regional levels.


    Duties: The purpose of the By-Laws Committee is to draft, review and make recommendations to the State Committee from time to time with respect to local, regional and State Committee by-laws, charters and party organization.

  • Is there a way to see how many meeting my state committee people attended?  And if they are not listed above could they be on another committee?