Mass Legislature Poised to Ban Fracking and Potential Good Jobs?

According to Massachusetts is poised to ban fracking.  

Legislation that would impose a 10-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing is making its way through the Massachusetts state legislature. On Wednesday, the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture passed the bill, which would also prohibit the dumping of fracking wastewater in the state.

“Although the state isn’t seen as a rich source of shale gas, there could be limited deposits in western Massachusetts,” the Associated Press reports. As EcoWatch explains, “Local concern about fracking has grown since the U.S. Geological Survey identified shale gas deposits in the Pioneer Valley last December. Moreover, as New York mulls large-scale fracking next door, drilling operators could soon view Western Massachusetts as a convenient dumping ground for toxic fracking wastewater.”

Western and Central Massachusetts have much higher rates of unemployment than those areas inside 128.  If there is shale gas there, why would Massachusetts want to ban economic activity?  


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  • This, like the constant fight to keep people from smoking and carrying a gun, is another example of the left using the power of government to inflict their personal cultural taste upon the rest of us in a tangible, punitive way.

    Natural gas recovery is safe and clean, like the fuel itself. The process of getting it produces countless skilled high-wage jobs. But since the Unpeople out here in the sticks may benefit without cutting the Democrats in on some graft, we’ll be forced to defer to their inferior wisdom.

    Again: this is being spearheaded in the Senate by Marc Pacheco. Marc Pacheco is literally destroying any hope of bringing a completely net-positive industry into the Commonwealth.

    Sometimes I am feeling like my comments come back to blowing Pacheco up too frequently… But my hand is forced; he seems to have his grimy sausages all over everything that’s wrong about the state government.  

  • California and New York have large deposits of oil and gas that can be recovered using modern technologies.  Yet California has a surplus of dumb Democrats in the legislature and are refusing to utilize these resources to relieve overburdened taxpayers.  Same in New York.

    We may have something worth evaluating as well and we should do nothing that prevents environmentally safe extraction of those assets.  

  •    Why ban it if you don’t know what it is?

      Sometimes fracking isn’t even necessary. You don’t know until you start digging.

      This state keeps wanting to take authority away from the towns. H 1859 is a prime example of that. I would guess that democrats are prepping themselves for minority status in government to retain control of several remaining boards they could stack with their folks.

      It ain’t grassroots folks. It’s underground!