#MA5 Debate Tonight – Open Thread

Tonight’s debate at 6pm on Broadside with Jim Braude is the only televised debate of this race.  It’s true that I’ve referred to this debate as their second debate, but that’s only the case if one counts the Fox debate between Frank Addivinola and an empty chair reserved for Katherine Clark.

Since at least the middle of November, the Clark campaign has peddled the lie that staff were working feverishly to schedule debates.

Clark’s campaign on Thursday denied she is ducking debates and said campaign staffers had been working all day to coordinate debates.

Now that election day is almost upon us, it can conclusively be said that Katherine Clark did indeed duck debates.  She has conducted herself in a shameless manner and shown nothing but contempt for the voters in the district.

Below is Part 1 of the debate.  Here are links for Part 2 and Part 3.

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  • JohnHoward

    Pretty good so far. Braude’s being fair and clear, and Frank comes of competent and principled. The “no role for federal government in health care” is a little nyperbolic though. Might sound extreme.

    • Patrick

      I agree with your assessment of how Frank came off. It’s unfortunate that the way this race has been avoided you’d think he was some crazy person. I heard that there is bad blood between Frank and the MassGOP for some reason. Even that being the case I still don’t see why the MassGOP couldn’t have done the bare minimum of listing him on the website. Others seem to have gone out of their way to support Frank. I saw Howie Carr and Mary Z had attended a fundraiser for him. Props to them both.

  • JohnHoward

    Who is JVA? What did he just say? He’s got a leather barn coat?

  • Ed Lyons

    Considering this was the only one she will risk, it wasn’t bad in terms of length, format, and topics. (It was far better than the few meager
    short segments Joe Kennedy agreed to do with Sean Bielat.)

    Who won? The format didn’t lend itself well to declaring a winner. Frank did better than I thought, and was generally pretty solid in terms of confidence and delivery. The only bad moment for him was when the host reminded Frank that he had told him he was similar to Senator Ted Cruz. Frank pointed out that he wasn’t given a lot of choices in that previous question.

    (Frank, here’s a pro tip: since you live in Massachusetts and not the Deep South, never ever ever compare yourself to Ted Cruz if you want to be elected to anything, got it?)

    Clark wisely acted like Frank wasn’t even there. She looked and sounded better than Frank and sounded more authoritative and approachable.

    Contentwise, there wasn’t much interesting here. It was disappointing that both candidates want the government to transfer even *more* money from poorer young people to wealthier old people. (Frank – increase social security payments? Are we supposed to take anyone seriously as a government reformer who says stuff like that?)

    Will the debate affect the race? Well, since Clark neither used the N-word nor admitted membership in Al-Qaeda, I think she will still win by 20-40 points.

    • Patrick

      It appears he was asked a question about immigration in such a way they he had to identity with a listed politician on immigration. One name we know was Cruz. Probably McCain was also on the list. I think it was an unfortunately phrased question and I find it hard to fault Frank for his answer since Ted Cruz’s name didn’t spring from his own head and he did actually explain that. Perhaps future candidates should take note if they they think they may be on Broadside so they don’t fall into the same trap.

      • Ed Lyons

        If you can’t muster up an answer like, “I represent only myself and certainly not Ted Cruz” then you shouldn’t be running for high office in this state.