#MA5 Debate Tonight – Open Thread

Tonight’s debate at 6pm on Broadside with Jim Braude is the only televised debate of this race.  It’s true that I’ve referred to this debate as their second debate, but that’s only the case if one counts the Fox debate between Frank Addivinola and an empty chair reserved for Katherine Clark.

Since at least the middle of November, the Clark campaign has peddled the lie that staff were working feverishly to schedule debates.

Clark’s campaign on Thursday denied she is ducking debates and said campaign staffers had been working all day to coordinate debates.

Now that election day is almost upon us, it can conclusively be said that Katherine Clark did indeed duck debates.  She has conducted herself in a shameless manner and shown nothing but contempt for the voters in the district.

Below is Part 1 of the debate.  Here are links for Part 2 and Part 3.

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