How much would you pay for a McDonald’s hamburger?

Fast food workers took to the streets this week to protest the fact that so many of them are earning minimum wage.  The protests were timed with other political discussions of raising the minimum wage at state and federal levels…(When will the GOP learn to do such things?)  The workers want the minimum wage to increase to $15 per hour…

Clearly the fast food workers believe that there is no price elasticity to a McDonald’s hamburger.  Whatever the industry is forced to charge for a hamburger the customer will happily pay!  Is this true?

From this source:

But even experts who support some increase worry that a raise to $15 an hour would have profound effects on the industry. Arindrajit Dube, an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, said an increase in pay to $15 would push up fast-food prices by nearly 20 percent.

With the industry estimating that one-third of its costs go to labor, he said a $15 wage would mean wage increases averaging around 60 percent, raising the cost of a $3 hamburger to $3.50 or $3.60.

I do not know about you, but I can not bring myself to pay $3.60 or more for a crappy hamburger.  It is 1/10th of an pound of quasi-beef, a squirt of ketchup, a pickle and a bun.  Mind you the cost of all the other items in your meal will go up as well such as french fries and soda.  So the ‘value-meals that are $7.99 go up to $9.99 and up.  Can you simply imagine paying $10 or more for a crappy value meal at McDonalds?  I can’t…

But this is what the liberals want!  And just as we conservatives predicted that health insurance would go up in price with the passing of Obamacare we too can predict that the price of crappy fast food will go up with increases in minimum wage.  It is not exactly complex mathematics…

So how will McDonalds combat such a problem?  Well McDonalds has been very tolerant of liberal power plays.  They allowed Moochelle Obama to influence their menus in the past, but I can’t imagine that they will allow the minimum wage to go to $15 per hour..

Here is what they will do.  Or maybe here is what their competition will do…  It is easy enough to build a freakin machine that can prepare a greasy hamburger.  it is not rocket science.  Put a quasi-beef patty in one end and out the other end comes a hamburger just as poorly prepared as if it had been done by the hand of an uneducated, lazy immigrant with bad attitude and poor hygiene.  Robots build cars, robots build computers, robots build furniture, robots can surely build hamburgers…

French fries and soda are equally simple to prepare by automated means.  So why not terminate all these ungrateful poorly educated workers that demand the world in return for their job of cooking greasy hamburgers?  Why not tell them it is over and we no longer will need them to screw things up as they are.  

Just imagine walking into a fast food restaurant and pushing the buttons yourself.  How hard is it to push a button that says “#2 Meal” on it?  If you want two #2 meals then you push the button twice!  Dang, I think I can handle that.  But here is the difference – no more yelling at the moron behind the counter in english well knowing that the stupid slob speaks only spanish.  No more telling them that you ordered a freakin Big Mac and not a fish filet.  “I asked for sweet/sour sauce for my freakin chicken nuggets you Ahole!!”

One less aggravating moment in the day – how nice would that be?  These uneducated swine assume we will just keep giving them everything they want.  And today they tried to push the point by walking out of work.  Walking away from the job that helps pay their rent.  Ungrateful buggers!

Fire them all, and then turn around and hire one Manager who can push uncooked quasi-beef patties into the end of a robotic machine and wrap in cellophane whatever comes out the other end.  

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