Health Connector Website Getting Better? Not According to Consumers on Facebook.

The folks at Massachusetts Obamacare Exchange, The Health Connector, will tell you that their website is getting better.  Someone has forgotten to tell the consumers that use the site.

Red Mass Group took a look at the past week, December 1, 2013 – December 7, 2013, in Facebook posts on the Health Connector’s Facebook Fan Page.

Not really ringing endorsements.

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  • I was working 2 jobs, one with health coverage one with out.  Got laid off of the job with health coverage.  Sent my paperwork in on 11/25/13.  Called them on 12/5/13 – keep in mind there was a holiday in here.  They have the paperwork and I will have information on Monday on what plans I qualify for.  Will update you when I have more information.