GOP activists working to make tent smaller.

I’ve read two stories in the last 24 hours about GOP efforts to make their electoral tent smaller.  Both threaten the chances for Republican victories against the very vulnerable John Tierney and the wide-open race for the Bay State Governorship.  

Both stories outline the continued fight conservative activists are waging to deny civil rights to Americans based on their sexual orientation.  Just to be clear, this is not a “concerned troll” post suggesting the GOP establishment fight back against this ignorance.  No, this is a post from a liberal who–while disturbed that knuckle draggers still walk the earth–rather enjoys watching the GOP civil war erupting right in front of me.

The first story involves veteran GOP Congressman Randy Forbes demanding that the Republican Congressional Committee to deny financial support to gay GOP congressional candidates, most notably Richard Tisei’s race against Tierney.  

The second story appears in today’s Globe, regarding a backlash of social conservatives against fellow-traveler Karyn Polito’s tepid endorsement of gay marriage (Registration maybe required).  Given that Baker’s pick of Polito has been widely hailed as a smart electoral move, it is apparent that leading GOP activists–including, according to the Globe, Chanel Prunier, the Republican National Committeewoman from MA (and is she still Rob Eno’s roommate?).

Given that national  and state polls clearly indicate that denying civil liberties to Americans based on their sexual orientation is not politically popular, it is apparent that there are many deadender’s in high levels of the GOP, that would rather be right then appeal to a majority of voters.

I’m happy to say this is not my party.  If I was a member of the GOP, I don’t know what would be more disconcerting:  being a member of a political party that takes positions that will result in electoral loses, of being a member of any organization that embraces ignorance.  

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  • …clearly reject this ignorance as well, evident from the results of the GOP special primary election where the only candidate that opposed equal rights for gay couple was soundly rejected, getting about 1/3 of the GOP primary vote.

    A silver ling to an otherwise sad story.  

  • MerrimackMan

    Don’t matter. Every party has its cranks, and the reality is, Tisei and Polito will still be making the strongest campaigns of anybody from their party in the races they are in.

    It’s sad that instead of coming together about the conservative core philosophy of making the size and scope of government smaller and more constitutionally appropriate, there remain some that focus on ideological purity on issues that have moved out of the concerns of the public. We need to be a Big Tent party, both for social conservatives and social moderates, and just freakin’ move on.

  • in terms of marriage.  At all times, homosexuals have been afforded the same rights in terms of marriage as heterosexuals.  No one has stopped any man from marrying a woman, or woman from marrying a man just because they were gay.  If there are other areas that gays don’t have equal rights, they should be addressed, but this is not one of them.  Same for bathrooms.  No one is denying any male from using the men’s room, whether they self identify as something else or not.  Just because they’re confused does not constitute a civil rights violation if all things are equal, and they are.  

    As for Polito’s new bent, I would count myself among the many Polito fans who “widely hailed (Polito)as a smart electoral move.”  And then she supported gay marriage.  A simple statement about it being settled law, but personally opposing it would have sufficed.  As Patrick says, RECANT.  

    Our party isn’t like yours Simple.  We do not tolerate a lot of malarkey, or liars, or those who get elected on one premise, and then “evolve” to the exact opposite [think Obama, for one example].  Give us the Chanel Pruniers all day long and we will start winning more elections! Our problem has been too few Chanels, and far too any trying to please your side.

    Finally, the fact that you are “happy to say this is not my party.” and that we are an “organization that embraces ignorance.” is absurd.  C’mon Simple.  You are the party that re-elected a community organizer that doesn’t have a clue of what he’s doing.  Your party glazes over the incompetence and outright illegal/unconstitutional acts, and won’t report on or criticize him just because he’s black, and you don’t want to appear racist, but claim anyone who points to his incompetence or worse a racist, and you dare say our side “embraces ignorance.”?