Gomez Doubles Down on “Klan” – “No Regrets”

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Gabriel Gomez took to Boston Herald Radio to say he had no regrets at calling me a member of the Klan.  He also said that people that read Red Mass Group are the 0.1% that are the haters in Massachsuetts.  Listen in.

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  • “I don’t regret putting the post on there.”

    Wonder why he deleted it then?

  • will be making an announcement in the new year relative to 2014 elections.  What I need to know is, he criticizes Eno and Pinto for hurting the party, so what exactly has Gomez done to help the party?  A graph would probably show that Eno and Pinto’s efforts are through the roof, but what would Gomez claim as credit for helping the party?

  • RRRR

    How could people not want to vote for this guy?

  • From what I can gather, Gomez’ rant was basically that Eno (and by extension RMG) represents the “fringe” elements of the Party – the 1%, where the other 99% are mainstream. And that the loud voice of Eno/RMG drowns out the “rational” Republican point of view.

    It is difficult to describe the absurdity of this on so many levels.

    From a tactical standpoint, this is pure lunacy. While a candidate like Charlie Baker most likely has differences with Eno/RMG – I doubt he’s going to call them out like that, pick a public fight. A “smart” candidate will politely acknowledge a difference of opinion, but also highlight shared belief in limited government, etc.  

    But from an ideological standpoint, to view Eno/RMG as fringe would likely align Gomez exactly where we thought he was – on the other side of the fence.  

  • Gamriel Gomez actually treid to use Scott Brown as a shield.  I donated $250 to Scott Brown.  Gomez donated $1,000 to Alan Khazei and $0 to Scott Brown.  We supported Scott Brown.  Gomez opposed him.

    More lies.  More hypocracy.  More Gomez.

  • the word clan begins with a a lower case c.  The Ku Klux Klan begins with a capital K.  There is no other meaning here.

  • Gabriel Gomez is not.  Gomez has never donated a single dollar to any Republican legislative candidate at the state or national level.

    Plenty of money for Obama.  Plenty of money for Khazei.  Plenty of money for other Democrats.  Not a dime for any of us.  Gomez only bought the Republican primary because he tried and failed to get the Senate seat from Deval Patrick.

    Gomez doesn’t know what it means to help Republicans because he never has.  He thinks that being a good Republican means everyone else must kneel before him and him alone while he spits in our faces.

    As for winning elections?  Gomez received the fewest number of votes of ANY statewide Republican nominee since Jack E. Robinson.

  • I love how he claims to not read RMG and not know what is written here, and then gives a list of things an open forum allegedly believes.  None of it is actually true, but that doesn’t stop Gomez.

    Also, how dare these radio hacks accuse anyone of hate speech.  They are just making things up.  They are just blaindly and falsely accusing people in a vaccuum.  Screw them too.

  • I never supported the phony Gomez & I don’t know this.

    Was he happy to have RMG support when he won


    Enforce laws in place for illegals. Gomez criticized “haters” in what I listened to.

  • Twitchy has this story and links to RMG up on the front page.

    And unsurprisingly, Gomez is getting killed.  But more than that, the entirety of New England is getting killed.

    Thanks Gomez. You chump.

  • Silent Cal

    I firstly should say right of that I was one of the people who refused to cast a ballot this summer for “Mr. Navy Seal”, and I remember Mr. Eno pleading for support for Gomez “warts and all” and look what respect that got Rob et al.

                 This man is an opportunist a lying, oily, snake who is trying to get into office under whatever circumstance he can pull it off. I noticed that, for a man with the educational pedigree that he has, he does not exhibit much in the way of having much said intelligence.

         He has no compass to guide him as far as most of us can tell and I seriously doubt his alleged good intentions. As far as us here who frequent this blog, we didn’t lose an election to Ed Markey with the charisma of a sleeping Al Gore. I for one think that people like Gabe are driving people away from the cause. How stupid does he think we are? People generally can smell an opportunist a mile away especially one with convictions set in mid air. I officially registered as a member of the Conservative Party a few months back, I left the only party I knew because I don’t recognize her anymore. Gomez and those like him do more to muddy the waters and it seems I had good judgment refraining from giving him my vote. Rob can tell you with friends like Gabriel “Benedict” Gomez who needs enemies?

  • he thinks that “clan” can be spelled with a “K” because he “obviously” wouldn’t be comparing us with the KKK.

    He’s either a really bad speller, or just wants us to think he is.

  • …Gomez once again proves he not ready for prime time (as Patrick points out, he needs to first prove he has the political skills to win election for Selectman before running for US Senate).  Bur he did a retreat on the Klan comment when questioned a second time about the appropriateness of using the “K” word…

  • The man went to Canoe U and Harvard and he doesn’t know that Clan is spelled with a “C” ?  C’mon ….I did poll work for this guy and it was damned hot under those white robes, LOL, just kidding !  Oh, BTW, some people do read this blog ! Simple Malarkey does almost nothing else !