Globe Shocker: Obamacare Web Changes Leave 15,000 in Jeopardy of Losing Insurance on 1/1/14

The website woes that have stemmed from Massachusetts changing from a functioning Romneycare exchange to a malfunctioning Obamacare exchange have left 15,000 Bay State residents in jeopardy of losing health care coverage.  The Boston Globe has the story.

About 126,000 people enrolled in health plans subsidized by the state have until March to choose a new plan and can keep their current coverage until then. But thousands of others are depending on a new plan to start on the first of the year, and some worry that their coverage will not be ready in time. Their anxiety has only been heightened by stubborn technical problems, such as a snag this week that blocked many people from signing in to the website.

The Globe continues…

Many people already receiving state insurance subsidies – through Commonwealth Care, the Medical Security Program for people who are unemployed, and the Insurance Partnership for small business employees – must re-enroll in a new plan, but the state extended the deadline for that group from Dec. 23 until March 24, giving them three more months on their current plans.

As many as 15,000 people who have completed applications do not fall into that category, and an unknown number of them could be uninsured on Jan. 1 if they are not enrolled through the Health Connector.

As recently as September of this year, the Commonwealth had a functioning on-line health care exchange.  After a $69 Million dollar contract to change over to an Obamacare compliant exchange, we do not.  

Is it time for Jean Yang the, $179,000 per year, person in charge of the Health Connector Authority to go?

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  • edfactor

    So my best friend is chronically ill and has Commonwealth Care. She has two different hospitals and many specialists and is in a lot of pain. She was frightened at the changes.

    (She said, “Why are they doing this? I thought they would leave us alone! We already have health insurance?” If she wasn’t in so much pain I would have said something snarky like, “You voted Democrat. Blame the people you voted for.”)

    We called the Connector in early November as the website wouldn’t work well enough to tell us anything. (I help her with her care.) They said to apply early to have the best chance. I logged a few times during the middle of the night when the site was more functional (due to lower number of visitors). Somehow, I got her application submitted one morning at 4:45 a.m. in mid-November.

    Then we heard that they were probably going to give people a three-month extension. But no definite word. Then, two weeks ago we hear that because we succeeded in applying, she can’t get the extension. (WTF?!) We called and waited over an hour and asked what was going to happen to her. They said they don’t know. What kinds of plans could she get? They said they didn’t know. What would happen to her doctors? No answers. They said they would decide in late December and figure it out. She has two appointments a week these days. She can’t pay out of pocket. She’s more scared now.

    What is happening is a disgrace. Contractors must be punished. People must be fired. But more than anything, the people who are hanging in the wind need their insurance continued so they can get care.

  • I can only pray that your friend, Ed, avoids the death panels.