Former GOP Senate Candidate Gomez Equates Conservative GOP Activists with Klan Members

“Congratulations to Gabriel Gomez. It is in now important for GOP activists to rally behind our nominee to defeat Ed. Markey.” –Rob Eno April 30, 2013

Yesterday morning this blogger was taking a nap, as it seems I’m coming down with a cold.  Awaking from that nap at 12:30 I looked at my tablet I had an email from Chris Pinto, a Worcester based republican activist telling me that Gabriel Gomez equated he and I to Klan members, in a Facebook comment.  Seeing as I hadn’t given Gabriel Gomez much thought since he changed his position on the second amendment a few months ago, I was initially skeptical he would take the time to do this.  But the screengrab Pinto took of Gomez’s comments says it all.

The text in the photo above reads:

Gabriel Gomez: I thank God everyday for people like Chris Pinto and Rob Eno because they serve as perfect examples for my kids of who and what not to be when they grow up… the leve of ignorance and intolerance exhibited by them and their small “Klan” are an ebarassment to our civil Society. Merry Christmas.

The remarks were unprovoked as Pinto merely shared a photo of a letter to the editor published in the Worcester Telegram.  Pinto also was a dedicated supporter of Mr. Gomez’s during the campaign, spending his time driving around Worcester County to put up signs, and making hundreds of phone calls.

After a backlash started on social media channels yetserday, Gomez removed his comments.  

File under “puzzling”.

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  1. That doesn’t sound like Gomez at all.  Compare this to his debate performances in which he was bumbling, inarticulate, and incoherent.  Must be a different person entirely.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Simple J. Malarkey

    …makes me want to have more information before fully commenting.  While I can see the point behind his play on words, I would like to full context for this.  It looks like he commented on a Facebook posting…what was the post about and what were all the other comments on the thread?  This matters a lot…was it a bunch of sarcastic comments in which people were playfully needling people…or has it somewhat heated and the temperature suddenly rose with Gomez’s “out of the blue” comment?  

    Again, given your long history of distorting things to fit position you are taking in a given moment, you post has no credibility and you need to give the complete context.  

  3. Ugh.

    Yes, Mr. Gomez said something terrible. No one in the Republican Party in this state should compare anyone else in the party to members of a terrorist organization. In any context. No matter what the imagined metaphorical value. Full stop.

    Yes, it must have been hard for Mr. Gomez (attacked often by Rob and Chris) and also as a board member of Republican gay rights group GOProud, to see so Republican activists in MA – including Rob and Chris – circling the wagons all week around the disgusting anti-gay views of the Duck Dynasty guy. (Save me the ‘free speech’/tolerance angle – if he was suspended for saying fetuses aren’t human beings – this crowd would have remained silent – or cheered.) I guess something this week just made Mr. Gomez lose it.

    Mr. Gomez had an opportunity to say something valuable. He could have said, “Any prominent Republican activists who publicly support someone espousing vile anti-gay views are not only compromising the citizenship of gay people in this state, but effectively removing themselves from any public, productive role in our state politics.” (Yes, he didn’t attach this comment to a post about that – though Rob and Chris have posted about that all week – but since Gomez didn’t address the content of that article specifically, I think it was just a general disgust with them lately and happened to vent at that moment.)

    But instead, he was angry and said something awful. Too bad. He’s a good man. We all make mistakes, and I am sure he will learn from this.

  4. Chris and Rob… I think everyone was quite surprised at the level of ignorance and intolerance demonstrated by a bitter man, who recently lost an election, coming out of left field.

    Noise… like this… often comes loudest from the emptiest barrels.  Don’t sweat it.  He means nothing to everyone.  

  5. This is why I would rather see a brazen liberal like Markey win, rather than have a secret liberal scumbag pretender elected in mASS. This phenomenon should only pertain in MASS, because it deserves the liberal swine it elects no matter what party is elected. But Conservatives don’t need the mixed signals nationwide. Liberals are the problem no matter what party!  

  6. This why the Republican Party in Massachusetts is in the shape it is in. Gomez was the latest in what the establishment Republicans want us to believe will save the party, a Democrat who puts an R after his name. We’ll see it again in 2014.

    My question to the Republican leaders is, to use a recent question aimed at Obama supporters: How’s that working out for you?  

  7. I knew he is a dem and said that he should have run in dem primary. I refused to vote for him.  I have decided that I will never again hold my nose and vote for a candidate that I dislike and do not agree with.

    He should change his voter registration to unenrolled or democrat.  He’s not a republican.  I believe he won the primary because too many people did not know about the letter to Patrick.

    The low info voters voted for him in the primary.

    What can we do to reach the low info voters?  Howie Carr had this guy on his show and was trying to say that he’d be better than Markey.  

    I didn’t trust Gomez to tell the truth after his letter to Patrick became known.  Who contributes to Obama as a “favor to a friend?”

    Gomez made other comments after he won the primary that told me he is not a conservative republican, or even a moderate republican. He’s really a dem.  

  8. Mr. Gomez decided to attack Chris Pinto and Rob Eno as individuals. He said that he didn’t want his kids to grow up to be like them.

    What does this have to do with Red Mass Group? He didn’t say all conservative activists were like the KKK – as the headline implies, he said two specific people and those they hang out with.

    I could see if he attacked RMG. I could see if he attacked all activists in the party. But this was merely a comment on the Facebook wall of someone who holds no public position.

    So why is this front page news? Why is it a post at all? Why not reply on Facebook?

  9. Seems quite odd.  Forget about how ridiculous his comments are. How about that they are tactically dumb.  What is he thinking he will run for and have a legit shot at? Or is this simply a continuation of the consultant/establishment paradigm that you need to trash the grassroots to gain support with the mainstream? That has proven effective!

  10. I’m embarrassed that I voted Gomez. I was a big supporter of Mike Sullivan and I’m convinced that he would have won if he won the primary. It should be the duty of every Republican in this state not to support a potential Gomez campaign in the future. It is laughable that he puts an R next to his name and it’s unbecoming of his character to make such unprovoked comments. I still don’t understand how he won that primary earlier this year.

    To paraphrase Harry Truman:  “If you give give the voters a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat; they’ll choose the Democrat every time…”

  11. You’re way out of line. Gomez made a frankly offensive comment, unprovoked, trashing not only party loyalists, but his own measly intellect.

    Need I remind you that the Klan was the Democrat enforcement arm before the SEIU obsoleted them?  That Democrats are uniformly racist and sexist while Republicans are tolerant to the core?

    Don’t give me that comic book talk about believing in Christian teachings is somehow offensive to you. If it is, move to Europe and be done with our culture and society of success; you can’t have America as we know it without having the Judeo-Christian culture in the hearts of the vast majority of its people.  Parsing out God and His teachings from America leaves you with Greece. Worse- Greeks are at least observant and passionate.

    When it comes to your flat assertion that the Duck guy is somehow anti-gay: If one wants to insert his penis into another man’s anus, I can’t claim to even conceive of what be must be thinking; but also don’t care. My indifference is not anti-gay. Neither is my revulsion at the thought. I just don’t care, as long as I’m not forced to celebrate it.

    The three professionals I admire the most from my previous career are all practicing homosexuals. One of my fellow board members of the Bristol County Republican Committee is a practicing homosexual. Ed, I can’t imagine anyone on your side who can claim three (conservative) members of the clergy as friends or voluntary colleagues.

    It’s not our side who is intolerant, Ed. It’s not our side who are the “Klan.”  It is the thought police kommissars of the homosexual-union-academic-professional racist base of the left who are the violent bullies with extremist beliefs.

    Gomez continues to open his mouth and remove any doubt of his unfitness in public life due to a critical defect in intelligence and tact. Defending him does you no favors.  

  12. I was a big supporter of his during both the primary and general and do think these comments are our of line and such extremes seriously undermine his point regarding the issue at hand.

    However I also don’t disagree that the Republican Party, particularly the Massachusetts Republican Party cannot and should not make this any kind of issue; the “Duck Dynasty” nonsense. A growing majority of Americans (not to mention a huge majority of Massachusetts voters) disagree with Phil Robertson and find his comments ignorant and backwards. This is Massachusetts, not Louisiana; making any kind of supportive statement towards Robertson risks damaging the state party even further and our candidates at both a local and state level. 2012 taught us that nationalizing issues hurt local candidates of our party.

    That’s all I have to say. Considering the utter disaster that has been Obamacare we should not be talking about either Gomez comments or Robterson’s. They are distracting from the real issues.  

  13. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    This is how the thread appeared at the time of his posting.  one comment. Not even directed at him.  I was sleeping at the time.

  14. Given any context I find it hard to believe that this is a proper comment from a guy who presumably expects to run for state-wide office again.  He’s referring to a person who is thought of highly with the base as being in the “Klan.”  It calls to mind the frivolousness with which the word “rape” is used to refer to various things.  Gomez does understand the Klan is quite a bit worse than just a group of people who say the odd mean thing on the Internets, right?

    I’ll just reiterate what I’ve said many other times about his political future.  Gomez needs to concentrate on winning the selectman race that escaped his grasp.

  15. That WT article was well written and embodied the fiscal conservative principles of the Party. Did Gomez have an issue with the article or the author? If it was the article, then we don’t have a Republican candidate for Senate. If it was the author, he just trashed one of his supporters. Either way, the comment was out of line.  Those of us in the central part of the state knows what Chris does. Does Gomez know what Chris does for the party and ignores it or does he have no idea who the key activists are?  I see an Obama type explanation for this-if there will be one at all.

  16. Maybe you can make your case in another scenario, if so, please do, but in this case, I have read and posted below the whole article that Gomez appears to be reacting to and don’t know how it lead to his comments as posted by him on the string of the article.  The only explanation is that the guy must be so devastated by the accurate attack on this administration and Democrats in general that he felt compelled to lash out against some of our hardest working activist trying to defeat the destructive agenda of the Dems.  Conclusion:  Gomez is a true Dem, through and through, and can’t handle that Republicans actually stand for something and fight for it, thus attacked two of who might be the hardest working activists to save our state.  Gomez using Eno and Pinto as examples for his kids of what not to be???  God help us with what he uses for examples for his kids of what to be, because it is certainly NOT him.

    Friday, December 20, 2013

    Liberals guiding us all downhill

    47 comments | Add a comment

    Land of the free and home of the brave. Now, land of the freeloader. A grateful nation thanks you for electing a person with no experience to be president. And when he proved to be completely inept – gave him another four years. How’s that working out for you? Did you get one of those high-paying part-time jobs created by this part-time president?

    How’s Obamascare working out for you?

    Speaking of scares, we now look forward to the crowning of Queen Hillary. Her accomplishments boggle the mind. Allow me to highlight them. Whoops – there doesn’t seem to be any. What difference does that make – she’s a Democrat, that’s what matters. The Mighty Media are already working hard to get her crowned. You don’t have to think about it – they’ll think for you. Time to dump the big liar and start over with another loser.

    The nerve of those Republicans trying to get people jobs and take away all the freebies. What meanies. Don’t forget the tea party, who want: less government, less regulation, and less taxes – what a bunch of whackos; that’ll never work.

    Keep those liberals in power. Keep taking in 10 bucks a week and spending 30 until we go broke. Then nobody gets any freebies. It may then be time to get off the couch and get a job. What a concept.

    Just a few thoughts from a senile senior citizen.



  17. Simple, we’ve all seen you do the same thing.  You’re just as much a partisan actor as Rob — attacking him for this is not the classiest move, imho.

  18. 1) donates to Obama

    2) sucks up to Patrick

    3) takes anti 2nd amendment position

    4) throws a strong Republican campaign supporter under the bus

    Even a Democrat would know enough to not treat a supporter that way. Those of us who are activists are going to think twice about standing out in the rain holding a sign for him. I’ll find a local selectman candidate this time around. I hate to say it but Markey, the seat is yours. I won’t vote for Markey, but I’m not lifting a finger for Gomez. Not only does it just go unappreciated, it could lead to defamation.  I believe in the 11th commandment too, but he broke it first and I seriously doubt his title of Republican.  

  19. I’ve been surprised by the utter lack of interest in it.  BMG has a post on it, not RMG.

  20. Gomez’  pro gay position is a non factor. Defending him for his latest comment because  he is pro gay isn’t helping your cause. I am pro gay marriage but when you or any group tries to make your cause more important than the 1st amendment  (which is what you are doing if you are getting into the DD thing) then you have lost any and all credibility. Gomez took aim at a supporter. For you to take unjustified shots at that supporter because he believes in free speech is tantamount to blaming the victim. I will vehemently defend my right to free speech. Pinto’s right to free speech, Gomez’ right to free speech and your right to free speech. Your particular cause doesn’t trump anyone’s right to free speech.  I will not save you the free speech angle, because if we don’t have the free speech angle, we have nothing.

  21. Because seeing as you and I are both Catholic… I hate to break it to you, but you’re choosing leftist posturing over the position of your own Church.

    Phil Robertson and Pope Francis have the exact same position on this (Only God can judge souls, but homosexual behavior is a sin that must be repented from and avoided), stated in a similar way in their original texts. The difference is that for some reason the leftist narrative distorts Francis in a positive way, and condemns Robertson by twisting his comments to say more than he did.

    If Phil Robertson said that fetuses aren’t human beings, he would have been scientifically wrong and you know quite well there would still be a huge backlash on his behalf, seeing as 14 million people would have had their icon cancelled. Even at that you are arguing a hypothetical with loaded assumptions. What GLAAD is trying to do is silence speech by making threats. You are enabling that fascistic behavior by accepting their narrative as a valid one.

  22. tripping all over yourself to excuse Gomez for his comments. Well, I’m sorry, there is no excuse for trying to trash two people who have done as much as they have for the Republican party over the years.

        Furthermore, I feel that these comments are an attack on more than just Eno and Pinto. I feel they are an attack on anyone who is a part of the grassroots movement in our state. I have come to know many of these people over the past few years and I’ve never seen a more dedicated group of people in my close to 20 years of involvement in political campaigns. They deserve better than this.

        It seems to me that Gomez has nothing but utter contempt for anyone who considers themself a conservative. If he is indeed thinking about running for office again, he needs to realize what party he is in and while he does not need to agree with conservatives he needs to have a decent level of respect for them, something I have never seen.

        There is no level of understanding for Gomez’ comments, especially the use of the word Klan. He knew full well what he was insinuating and for that alone, he should apologize. However, since he said today he has “no regrets” about what he said, it is clear he has learned nothing.  


  23. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    My post was going to be, and still might be on how A&E has every right to fire the guy because they are a private company.

    I did two facebook posts. One was a tweak at liberals where I put a picture of two tshirts next to each other, showing that liberals eschew robertson while embracing Che Guevara who actually murdered or had murdered thousands of gays.

    The other was to put up a listing of all Hearst Company properties.  Those were the only two.  

  24. Patrick –

    This all happened on Facebook, not on RMG.  

  25. Rob –

    This comment was made on Chris’ wall, and not yours. You have only posted a couple of times on the dynasty controversy. Chris has done more and aligned himself more with Mr. Robertson than you did. Gomez attacked Chris, and then threw you in as well.

  26. is that different than tweeter?

  27. Mr. Gomez’s only political work in the public square now is in gay rights. He is on the board of GOProud. Gomez didn’t attack anyone until this week. Chris and Rob have, together posted a lot of stuff this week on boycotting the channel (Rob posted that) and Chris has done a lot more in FB.

    I think it is highly unlikely that in the middle of the Duck Dynasty controversy that a prominent pro-gay Republican decides to attack one of the loudest voices in the current controversy and it wasn’t related to that.

    Oh – and free speech is a government thing. You do get that, right? That a private citizen has no right to appear on television. Or work for a media company. This isn’t about free speech. This is about what a television channel wants from its employees. I would never support a man arrested or fined for these views. I have no problem with a private corporation deciding they don’t want to put him on television for a while.

    But since his views are so vile, especially to this very pro-gay state, the sight of our activists running to his defense and talking about boycotting the TV network truly is awful. I don’t have to like what A+E did. I don’t have to like the Duck Dynasty guy either. And since I am a political activist in MA, I have decided that trying to make some legitimate point about tolerance or Miley Cyrus is not worth alienating my gay friends or making the GOP look like it doesn’t give a damn about gay rights.

  28. Even if the comment was made because of Gomez’ position on gay rights (he certainly picked an odd time and place to discuss the topic), he used inappropriate language and the wrong forum. Since you seem to defend or criticize everyone based on their pro gay/pro family position you are alienating the vast majority of us who focus solely on fiscal and freedom issues.  Pinto is a guy who has a strong grasp of the fiscal problems facing this state and country and is an advocate for us all in getting the word out in his grassroots efforts, I really didn’t know know what his position was on gay marriage was until you chose RMG as the place to make them known.  Most of us still don’t care either.  As long as you make gay rights the litmus test for an individual or candidate, you will shift focus from the important issues and cause dissension. We all agree on the fiscal issues. If someone gets that right, leave them alone. You really want to alienate the libertarians now too? There are a lot of us libertarians who support your cause but will never make it a priority over the future of our country.  Are you forgetting Gomez anti 2nd amendment position? That makes two amendments that you want us to ignore for the sake of gay marriage. I will support you but I won’t reprioritize.  

  29. Eno had no reason to be thrown in, never mind his attack of Chris was unwarranted, if not outright bizarre, but yeah, Gomez is so upstanding, and Chris and Rob are reflections of what Gomez doesn’t want his children to be.  Go ahead, defend who Gomez chooses as mentors for his children, i.e., “supports Obama’s policies” (and with that comes massive lies), and then, please Ed, list all of what Gomez has done for the party – – – before, that is, he came to it and wanted the party to elect him.  While researching, you may include his actual physical support and activism as a percentage of Chris or Rob’s, but even more fascinating would be his percentage of supporting Repub candidates, versus his income, while raising millions from Repubs for his own purposes.

    Seriously, how do you defend this man on any level?  I re-iterate, put the proper D after his name, and I will gladly vote for him over Markey, but enough already playing R.

  30. I said the remark was completely wrong and without justification. It doesn’t matter that it was from Gomez or against Rob and Chris. It doesn’t matter whether Mr. Gomez agrees with you on gun control or gay rights. No Republican should say something like that to any other.

  31. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    You attack me, and my “Klan”? I consider the people who read RMG to bepart of that.

  32. as to say that Eno is a perfect example of what you don’t want your kids to be, it might be a pretty good lesson learned for Gomez that you don’t attack one of the hardest working activists for the party who owns/runs a blog called RedMassGroup, especially unwarranted on any level.  I can’t wait until you answer by questions to defend your position on this, instead of your rabid defense of Gomez, who, thus far, has proven indefensible.

    And, are you serious?  “Mr. Gomez’s only political work in the public square now is in gay rights.”  Now there’s a guy committed to growing our party, and fixing this state!

  33. GG attacked two individuals but the ramifications go far beyond just the one post. He also attacked loyal party supporters. While he isn’t officially running for office right now, we both know he will be announcing. He certainly isn’t acting like someone who is unifying the party and bringing together the grassroots.  If he doesn’t want us, then why should we want him? Oh, and your reference to the people who hang out with Rob and Chris? That would be a lot of us. We aren’t in the Klan.  You are acting like the one with the ax to grind. I have hung out with both sides and only have a problem with people who can’t see the big picture.  Gabe’s attack was indeed on all activists because we now fear for who of us will be next.

  34. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    last time I checked Facebook was the 2nd most visited site in the world according to Alexa.  Let’s just say RMG is significantly lower than that.

  35. It is obvious beyond a reasonable doubt that Gabriel Gomez was a composite candidate created by a committee of callow and clueless consultants. I never understood why so many Republicans rallied to aid his campaign after he pledged to support Obama's agenda and after he boasted that he supported Barack Obama and gave money to him.

  36. if the shoe fits, but the only one who fits into the shoe is Gomez!  As to defending Gomez, I would call your arguments that, in that you are talking of how, in your opinion, the Duck guy said some vile things, and criticize Chris’ and Rob’s defense of him, (whether said or implied). You also said, “He’s a good man.” which begs the question, how so?  (and I’m really not saying that as sarcastically as it sounds)  What do you find of his redeeming qualities that prompt you to say that?

  37. Simple J. Malarkey

    I apologize for asking that things be put in context and that all pertinent information is provided before I make a final judgement.  

    Only at RMG do I have to make an apology like that.

  38. Simple J. Malarkey

    It’s not the GOP that is intolerant and if you don’t like our Christian teaching, then move to Europe.

    Yup, that pretty much sums it up!  

  39. Just that you figure it out in a way that doesn’t involve us having to interact with you.  

  40. Simple, “apologize for asking that things be put in context and that all pertinent information is provided” is completely legit, but when you re-read what you wrote, it is not what you did.

  41. Simple J. Malarkey

    …other than asking for the full context and that Rob often tells half-truths…what is it that “offended” you?

  42. You intentionally (I’m giving you credit here) conflate cause and effect.

    See if you can follow this.

    The people who founded this nation were informed in its founding by religious principles; principles primarily of Protestantism but also of Catholicism. It’s baked in the cake. If you haven’t made rolling papers out of your copy of Leviticus yet, go take a look.  And read Montesquieu. And Locke. Both religious men who showed how our system would be informed by a love and fear of God for the purpose of equality and prosperity.

    The nature and character of the people for whom the Constiution was written (for it was not written in a vacuum) was a pious, observant one. Those people from whom we are either literal or cultural descendents prospered because of this, the greatest system of government ever divisied.

    It is from those generations we derive the wealth and physical and technological infrastructure necessary to suffer the 21% minority of whimpering, weasely pajama boys of which you are a fine representative.

    If the Americans who respected America were to leave the field to the corrupted kommissars of political correct thoughtcrime and unrest like you, Simple, you’d all be dead within a month.

    If you left the field to us, nobody would even notice.

    Thank us, Simple, we strange white aboriginals who make the lights go on and build the sewer pipes and fell the logs and create the iPhones and what have you, so that you can drink hot chocolate from a silly cup in your plaid flannel onesie and lecture the world about how it should work.

    For without us, you would literally die of exposure before Christmas.  

  43. by only first discrediting Rob, twice.  sample – ” Again, given your long history of distorting things to fit position you are taking in a given moment, you post has no credibility and you need to give the complete context.”

    Now, given the complete context, it is clear it was unprovoked and it is Gomez that has the credibility problem.  

  44. Simple J. Malarkey

    …Rob is always distorting or taking things out of context.  Or, in this case, blowing things up to be far bigger than they really are.  

  45. Unfortunately, its usually the “fiscal conservative, social moderates” that usually end up supporting “grand bargain budget deals” that result in more taxes and more government spending.  Take gubernatorial straw candidate Evan Falchuk, please.  I live in the same neighborhood as Falchuk so I’ve kept an eye on his campaign.  He claims to be interested in fiscally sensible solutions on one hand while supporting the grad tax on the other hand.

    The Massachusetts GOP leadership sold Scott Brown as a fiscally conservative social moderate to the base last year.  Yet Scott Brown opposed Rand Paul’s proposal to cut $500 Billion in wasteful spending and even opposed Paul Ryan’s budget proposal to reduce spending growth.  Scott Brown also voted for Dodd Frank, the 2010 stimulus and the fiscal cliff tax hikes.

    But I think that this blogger showed that “fiscally conservative social moderates” are people that are so preoccupied with what other leftists think of him (which is why ha adopts the socially liberal mantra in the first place), that at the first sign of left-wing horror over the alleged real-world repercussions of his fiscally conservative policy preferences, he will drop said fiscal conservatism like a hot potato.

  46. …the Globe and Herald are reporting it, and national news sites are starting to pick up on it.

    BTW, Rob didn’t cry anything.  Gomez PURPOSELY ADDED Rob to his attack.  He went out of his way to include Rob.  Gomez earned all the grief he so richly deserves.

  47. Simple J. Malarkey

    …and an email list that reaches scores of reporters desperate for any semblance of “news”.  

  48. I’ve seen this guy posting angry shit in the middle of the night and at the crack of dawn!  But I never expected to see this miserable man posting on Christmas morning at 8:30 am.  That is a whole new low for the guy!  WOW just WOW!

  49. Hey Simple … Speaking of slow days with nothing going on … how was your Christmas?  

  50. (bring the Deuce back, will ya?) I still stand by he keeps us sharper, and sometimes even lends to the discussion.  Can you imagine this blog without dissent, or trolls.  In terms of trolls, Simple is actually a good one . . . relative to very many others I have seen.

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