Did you see this??? What are you gonna do about it???

How many times have YOU read comments like these?

“The tea-party Republicans claim that they did not get anything from the shutdown. Well, what they should get is arrested for putting our country into more debt and chaos.What true American man would do this?”

– Telegram & Gazette Friday, November 22, 2013

Are YOU going to sit by and allow this to be said by those who want to take your liberties?

“The tea party people amongst us are certainly a frenzied and irrational bunch of unpatriotic citizens that have used technicalities in the law and the rules of government to obstruct the everyday workings of government . . . “

– Telegram & Gazette Saturday, December 7 2013

Attacks such as these are just starting and will only get worse.  While our opponents’ policies are leading to extraordinarily obvious failures, as we knew they would, they are desperate to change the public’s focus.  As the floor falls out from under those who support more and more government abuse of our rights, they are out in full force to demean and denigrate YOU.

The American people are turning on them, they are desperate,

They are against the ropes

NOW is the time to fight back because the pen is truly mightier than the sword.  Those who oppose us may buy ink by the barrel, but the truth and our Founders are on our side.

Help the Worcester Tea Party to fight back!

Their propaganda machine is moving with full force in a desperate attempt to distract from the mess they created

We have editors and resources to help you succeed; all you need is the desire and time to put your thoughts on paper.

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