Conservatives Sour on Baker/Polito. Mark Fisher an alternative. And a modest proposal

The Republican ticket of Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito may be the most liberal Republican ticket in Massachusetts history, at least, the last few decades, anyway.  (Yeah, Richard Tisei may be a little bit more liberal than Polito on paper. but the way Charlie Baker is running now is a LOT more liberal than the way he ran in 2010.)

It’s so liberal that conservatives are getting annoyed with and souring on the liberal Baker/Polito ticket.

Social conservative activists are threatening to walk away from Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker after his running mate, former state representative Karyn E. Polito, reversed her position this week, endorsing gay marriage.

According to state Republican Party insiders, some of Polito’s closest allies in the battle against gay marriage are pressing the former Shrewsbury lawmaker to dial back her new stance on the issue or risk losing their support.

And the Baker’s campaign’s explanation is that Karyn Polito is JUST LIKE BARRY OBAMA!

“Karyn supported civil unions at a time when most Republicans did not,” said Tim Buckley, Baker’s campaign spokesman. “Like many, including President Obama, Karyn’s position has evolved, and she now supports the existing law and will not work to undo the progress achieved over the last decade.”

This is for real. Baker’s campaign’s defense is that Karyn Polito is just like Barry Obama. wow!

According to GOP leaders, demands for a retraction stemmed in part from Chanel Prunier, executive director of the Coalition for Marriage and Family and a close political ally of Polito. She was elected the state party’s national committeewoman earlier this year and has served as a reminder to moderate Republicans of the party’s conservative base.

A GOP leader with strong social conservative leanings said Thursday that party conservatives are now trying to pressure their ideological colleagues to back Fisher.

So who is this “Fisher”?  A real conservative running for Governor as a Republican.

A Shrewsbury business owner says he is seeking the Republican nomination for governor in Massachusetts.

Mark Fisher, who has never sought elective office, announced his candidacy in a recent press release.

Charles Baker, the former head of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and the 2010 GOP nominee for governor, is running again for the office.

Fisher said his first priority as governor would be to remove all tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

On his website, Fisher describes himself as a member of the tea party and a political outsider.

He reported a campaign account balance of just under $45,000 in a filing this past week with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

So here’s the modest proposal I refferenced in the title. If your undecided on Charlie Baker, or at least not enthusiastic about Baker, give Mark Fisher a look!

If Fisher is able to galvanize some support among the grassroots, it will at least remind Baker that his base is (supposed to be) real Republicans and that he can articulate conservative values and still win, if he does so confidently and proudly and not try to be Democrat-lite. Lets see Baker and Fisher discuss the issues. Help Fisher at least try to remind Baker of the party he claims to represent.

Mark Fisher’s website is and his Facebook is… and his Twitter is…

As a reminder that Mark Fisher is a businessman who will lower tolls and taxes and create jobs, he even has a Linked in at…

Seriously, give Mark Fisher a look, and show support for core conservative values. Either you’ll help a real conservative like Mark Fisher win, or at least you’ll help remind Charlie Baker that a common sense conservative base can’t be ignored.

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