Budget Votes Needed? Katherine Clark to be sworn in less than 48 hours from poll closing

As we reported yesterday, John Boehner is holding a vote on the Murray-Ryan budget compromise bill today in the House of Representatives.  There has been a split in the GOP in DC over this bill, and progressive groups have also found fault in the bill.  That’s why what is happening today is interesting.

In Massachusetts we’ve been through enough special elections to know that recently elected officials are not usually sat within 48 hours of the close of their elections.  The U.S. Senate waited waited a little over two weeks to seat Scott Brown.  Katherine Clark (D-MA) is being seated today, according to published reports.

This leads to the question, why the rush?  Is Clark being rushed for her vote for the budget compromise.

Photo Credit: CSPAN Tweet

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  • That politicians are acting in a political manner!

  • When does the Congresswoman–elect vacate her seat in the honorable Senate.  This used to be Tisei’s seat which she won in a close election for her first term.  Does anyone see a silver lining here ?

  • MerrimackMan

    I think its for the same reason why Boehner broke his 72 hour pledge. The House goes out of Session tomorrow. They are trying to get both in before.  

  • Scott Brown was sworn-in 16 days after his election.   By comparison, Ed Markey was sworn-in 21 days after his election.    

    The Senate and the House have different rules about new members.   The Senate requires formal certification from the state government, while the House is more informal.   The House accepts a letter saying that enough votes have been counted and that it is not necessary to wait to complete the formal process.  

    Furthermore, Brown’s election certification was done as fast as possible according to the law.    After the election, cities and towns have 10 days to receive and count absentee ballots.  And, they have another 5 days to count all write-in ballots, before they submit their formal results.  Then the results need to be approved by the Governor’s Council and by the Governor.    So,  Brown’s 16 days is pretty much the best that can occur.

    In Katherine Clark’s situation, according to House rules, it was only necessary to submit a letter saying that completion of the formal process will not change the results.    Her election still needs to be officially certified, which will still take at least 16 days after the election.    

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    is a Lawyer and Public Interest Attorney.  

    Freakin perfect, that is all we need…..Just when you thought Ed Markey was the dimmest bulb in the socket…..

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Elizabeth Warren has been very clear: This is what she was taught from the time she was a small girl that she has Native American relatives and it’s been demonstrated by some of the research that’s been done that, in fact, there are records that support that claim.

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    I am telling you frankly that I thought there was a marriage certificate at the time. I was wrong.

    Its kinda one of those moments like when Obama said “You can keep your Doctor if you want.”  And then he had to say he lied.  That is what Katherine Clark did …  i think all Democrats do that…Say whatever the hell you want in order to get elected, and then take it back and say ‘Gee, I meant something else’.  That is why people can not truly trust Democrats – they lie.  

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