Broadside: Karyn Polito on Mass. lt. gov. candidacy

The only highlight comes at the very end when Karyn was asked if she would associate with the “Tea Party” label. She demurred, preferring other labels to describe herself.

Link to the NECN page. Video also embedded below.

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  • Ed Lyons

    Was it so hard to say, “I am a member of the Republican Party, not the Tea Party.”? No – she still fantasizes that they might vote for her. That ship has sailed.

    Also it was terrible to say, “We have to balance the rights of gun owners with the safety of our children.” As if it is a zero-sum game between dead children and gun rights – when they usually have nothing to do with each other. Juliette Kayyem will have a field day with that statement: “So why can’t we pass universal background checks? Because only 10 children will die and not 100? How many kids have to die before the ‘balance’ shifts in their direction?”

    • Patrick

      I think “I am a member of the Republican Party” is only slightly more popular than “I am a member of the Tea Party.”

      I can imagine the “safety of our children” being used by opponents in such a way that they will say something to the effect of, “I will never put the safety of our children second to anything.”