Breaking: Brown tells Rye NH Town Clerk, He’ll be Registering to Vote in NH “Soon”

Former Massachusetts U.S. Senator Scott Brown has told the Rye NH Town Clerk, Beth Yeaton that he will be registering to vote “soon” in Rye NH.

Red Mass Group has been in somewhat regular contact with Beth Yeaton, the Town Clerk in Rye, NH, where Brown owns a home.  Today, Yeaton confirmed that Brown plans on registering to vote in NH in the near future.  Via email, on the question of whether or not Brown had registered, Yeaton said, “not yet, he has been in contact with me and plans to do so soon.”


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  1. This isn’t news. A real news headline would be “Soiling in Jean Shaheen’s shorts grows exponentially larger due to impending US Senate run by Scott Brown”

  2. Still trying to figure this one out. If the goal is to be a US Senator – why not just run in MA? He would have more than likely won the special against Markey. Okay, so he wasn’t ready. Now he could run in the general against Markey. He is popular in MA. Markey is not. Markey is barely an incumbent. No Obama on the ticket, no Warren. NH might not be as liberal, but I would have to think that is offset by the fact that he is from here, has won here, and is known here.

    Doesn’t make sense to me.  

  3. How do we verify that people are only registered at one place in the country? Does the new place verify that they are taken off the old place voter list? Is it just the honor system, where people are still registered at all their old addresses, and just vote once because that’s our duty?

    Seems to me people ought to be able to be registered to vote on local races in any place they have a significant interest in. Like people who work in Boston ought to be able to vote there and also in the suburb they live, but only for those local officials. For statewide races we would only vote once in each state we live and work in, and for federal offices we have to pick one district and only have one vote.

  4. How about a little privacy?  Can’t this woman resist the urge to gossip?  

  5. Scenes From A Scott Brown Protest

    “About a 3 or 4 to 1 ratio of pro-2a to “run scott run” folks”


  6. Simple J. Malarkey

    “Scott Brown is about to be  hit by a Rightwing Sh*t Storm

    And let’s not forget that Jean Shaheen has won four statewide elections in NH, three as Gov and one for US Senate…I doubt she’s freaking out about Scott Brown.

  7. except he might feel it betters his chances for the White house?

  8. Except he’s not going to run for Senate in NH this year or ever. He’s cashed in. He likely moved to NH to save on taxes, and is merely using this race as a publicity stunt for more $$$.

  9. I think Scott is done.  ’10 was magical, and no one but a mere few thought he had any chance of winning.  But ’12 was Brutal for him.  Campaigns take a toll on a person individually, and their family.  I wouldn’t be surprised, nor would I blame Gale if she said “that’s enough, at least for now.”

    He’s got a gig on Fox, and state pension, and I’m sure he’s still doing some law practice.  

    So let him go into semi or full political retirement.  Thank you for your service, and if you want to come back, many of us will be there to help.

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