BMG Prediction Thread Reveals Doubts Over Coakley Electabilty

While the general assumption of this Predictions 2014 post at Blue Mass Group is that Coakley will win the primary, a few commenters predict a Charlie Baker win.

From jconway:

Baker beats coakley by 4 points.

From trickle-up:

Governor Charlie Baker

Our nominee falls short by failing to address spending, taxation, and other basic issues head on.
And then this off the wall prediction in the main post from pablo:
KarynPolito, and tea party primary opponent Mark Fisher, spend the primary season in a medley of appeals to the conservative base. It sets a tone that damages Charlie Baker with moderate voters, and Scott Lively pulls enough social conservatives away to doom the GOP’s chance of winning statewide.
If anyone is pinning their hopes on Scott Lively then they are in for a rude awakening on election day.  My own addition to the prediction thread was to say that Lively does not make the ballot.

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