Ben Howe: Ryan-Murray Budget Compromise Breaks Boehner’s 72 Hour Online Bill Pledge

When John Boehner was talking about retaking the House of Representatives, he said a lot about putting major legislation online for 72 hours for the public to read.  Yesterday’s release, and tommorrow’s vote on, the Ryan-Murray budget compromise breaks that pledge.  Ben Howe at RedState has put together a video showing Boehner’s promises.

John Boehner has made a lot of promises over the years about the type of Congress he would lead as Speaker. As is often the case in Washington, it seems that his actions aren’t lining up with his rhetoric. And so, here we are faced with a major budget vote and yet members of Congress are only being given 36 hours to read it, understand it and vote on this important legislation.

Is it the right move? Many are skeptical. Perhaps with time it could be shown to be the right direction. Or perhaps a better plan could be made. Unfortunately, in a Pelosi-esque maneuver, John Boehner has abandoned his promise to allow at least 72 hours between the time a bill is made available and when it is to be voted upon.

Promises Made, Promises Not Kept

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