BBJ Editor: Beacon Hill Revenue Hearings Provide Comic Relief

If you aren’t reading the Boston Business Journal’s managing editor Craig Douglas regularly, you should be.  He is providing some of the best commentary in the Commonwealth.  This week he took on the yearly Beacon Hill Revenue Hearings.

Looking for some comic relief this holiday season? Then don’t miss today’s scheduled revenue hearings in the bowels of the Massachusetts State House.

Rarely does one have the opportunity to view so many rare and exotic creatures – in this case state lawmakers – in their natural environment. But once a year our elected few assemble in the cavernous Gardner Auditorium to slouch, snooze and gaze into space as a lineup of usual suspects – in this case lobbyists and economists – drone on about why the state’s tax collections are heading to infinity and beyond. It is an annual ritual of people-watching at its finest.

Grab a cup of coffee and click through the link above. It is worth the time.

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