Another Dem opts out of re-election: Springfield’s Curran

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Another Dem opts out of re-election.

(WGGB) – State Representative Sean Curran has announced he will not seek re-election in 2014.

In a statement released Friday, Curran states he believes Springfield “is making significant strides towards becoming one of the comeback cities in New England” and he is “proud that many of our gains have come about because we have voices on Beacon Hill willing to stand up for our hometown.”

“It certainly is an honor and privilege to be one of those Representatives. But, I think now might be a good time to give others the opportunity to serve in the House. And so as such, with only nine months to the Democratic 2014 primary, I am formally announcing that I will not run for a sixth term to the Massachusetts House of Representatives,” Curran explains.

Springfield a comeback city? Not if it keeps with Curran’s preferred solutions.

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  • MerrimackMan

    Rep. Peake (D-Provincetown)

    Rep. Turner (D-Dennis)

    Rep. Curran (D-Springfield)

    Rep. Naughton (D-Clinton)

  • One of the indicators of how many seats will change hands is the partisan balance in a legislative body.

    Another one in the midterms is which party’s president is in the White House.

    This year, voter fatigue will also be a factor- more so for complacent Democrat voters than angry Republican ones.

    In 2010 and 2011, we added 15 to the House, more or less. I would submit, this is the minimum number we will add in 2014.  

    Additionally, we would conceivably double our numbers in the Senate, or more. There is an outside chance of picking up 5 seats, with Ehrhard, Gosule, de Macedo and Rosa already running hard and in positions to win.

    As for the Governor, look for the Democrats to fund a third party candidate to spoil it again, like they did in 2010 and recently in Virginia. But even so, Charlie has a shot.

    I’m optimistic.  

  • and to think there’s already a candidate lined up for Curran’s seat. I think it’ll be the first R since… ’99?