A Broken Compass

An adolescent in the realm of kingdoms, the time has now come for our young nation to leave behind her childish ways. Although born out of the human struggle for life and liberty, our wayward child nation has turned her back on those principles on which she was born, raised and flourished. And like so many of our beloved children today… she rebelled… thought she knew it all… and now has lost her way.

There is no doubt, when no parental guidance is given, a child will attempt to steer their own lives by their own” internal compass”. Now… the child may be insistent that they know what they are doing, but in reality, this internal compass is incomplete… not fully developed… for most importantly, it lacks a magnetic north pole… a fixed “right” from what is “wrong.”… A Waypoint. Their Compass is broken.

Being stubborn, but really just foolish, the child refuses to acknowledge that their compass is broken. And as they travel down their chosen path, they often lose their way. They follow signs put up along the road by the government, they seek direction from the mouths of strangers and yet… often find themselves being put on roads in which they did not intend to travel. Hardship, Pain, Exploitation… once innocent children… now being taken advantage of by those who lurk in the shadows and whom profit off the demise of others. The vultures of mankind… waiting to pick at what remains… of the oh too many children who get lost along the way.

And for the sake of security…these innocent, misguided children once again seek the company of strangers… who they themselves are often misguided children…. To build safety and reassurance. For in their minds, there is an imaginary strength in large numbers. Some might even say, misery loves company.

And thus we have adults, with childish minds, leading other adults, with more childish minds, on a journey with no purpose and no waypoint set. And like a child with no direction, our nation functions … but has no understanding of its purpose or the inherent greatness that lies dormant within.

Like so many children, whose innocence is then robbed, and whose hopes and dreams are shattered, we as a nation now find ourselves in the same state of mind. We have become untrusting of others, hearts that have hardened and we suffer from an inherent confusion and anxiety over who we really are… and what our purpose is. We walk in circles. And rather than achieving the greatness that our God given talents were destined for, too many have chosen to merely survive… rather than to thrive… and to prosper.

And so it’s now time for people of good will to seize the child from the clutches of those who exploit her. To lovingly embrace and bring home the adolescent who went astray so many years ago. The time has now come to fix the compass, establish a waypoint…. And put aside the childish ways.

To be Continued…

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