Why won’t Katherine Clark debate?

There were no shortages of debates during the Democratic primary for the 5th Congressional seat. One wonders why, after having won the primary, that requests for Katherine Clark to debate are met with silence.

Is it that Clark would never deign to attend a debate varying from those of the primary – orgies of adulation with requisite unctuous moderator, sycophantic audience, and obsequious opponents? Can her views survive resulting harsh criticism when the more moderate electorate listens to her unfiltered for the first time?

Or is Katherine Clark merely running-out-the-clock, a strategy favored by candidates favored to win, as Clark is, in the most liberal Congressional district in Massachusetts?

Democratic attorney general Martha Coakley’s campaign strategy is pretty simple: If she can run out the clock and deny Republican state senator Scott Brown the chance to make any big plays, she wins the January 19 special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat. That’s why she’s agreed to “just one live, televised debate [on January 11] in Boston, the state’s major media market,” has declined any debate that doesn’t include libertarian candidate Joseph Kennedy, and has been avoiding the media.

This isn’t Markey’s seat.

It isn’t Katherine Clark’s seat.

No, I’m not even going to call it “The People’s Seat.”

Simply, it is an open seat. The voters deserve rigorous debates between the two candidates. Katherine Clark, whatever reason she has for avoiding debates, should put the voters first even though it may make it more difficult for her to win. The time for debates is now. And also every other week or so from now until the election on December 10th.

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