Why I’m Thankful Charlie Baker Will Be Our Nominee

When we kickoff Thanksgiving weekend with family, turkey, and football, we’re inclined to be grateful, and to reflect on the things that we’re thankful for in our lives. I have already read many beautiful, grateful, and truly heartfelt Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and tweets about family, friends, pets, and so many other things that make America the greatest place on Earth.

We’re always told that politics should not be discussed at the dinner table, especially during Thanksgiving. Political conversations can be divisive, so I avoid them during this time of year that I truly value as a special opportunity to bring people together. It has become a personal rule for me to avoid politics around the holidays.

This year, however, I truly feel a need to break my rule, because, this Thanksgiving, I am overwhelmed with political gratitude.

Democrats AND Republicans are tired of fake politicians. We, the American people, are done with forced smiles, teleprompters, and political games. We are so desperate to find a candidate from either party who is truly genuine.

I am so proud to say that I have found that candidate.

The Commonwealth has another opportunity to elect Charlie Baker to our Corner Office in less than a year. Charlie is an interesting guy. He was the CEO of a massive healthcare company, and he certainly does well for himself. Charlie Baker is a successful man. We agree on a lot, but not everything. In a time when the party is struggling with a serious branding problem, the last thing Republicans need is another rich white guy leading the charge.

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But Charlie Baker isn’t just some rich white guy running as a Republican.

When I needed him most, Charlie was there. He is a man of incredible integrity, authenticity, sensitivity, and honesty. When it was the most difficult thing to do, I watched Charlie Baker do the right thing. I have seen him stand up to his party when he thought no one was looking.

He even stuck his neck out for this crazy Ron Paul supporting libertarian teenager who wanted to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

That was me, of course. I, along with 16 like-minded friends, played by the rules in April of 2012, and won the votes of registered Republicans who chose us to represent them at the RNC. When the MassGOP and the Romney campaign decided to take our victories away from us, they offered our seats to some of their big names. Charlie Baker, of course, was the biggest name.

Charlie, a Romney supporter, had run to be a delegate, but he lost to some of our crazy Ron Paul people. Naturally, the party had offered him one of the seats that they stole from us. The MassGOP wanted to give him MY seat.

While the 16 other stolen seats were filled promptly with opportunists happy to take advantage of their party’s dirty tricks, Charlie absolutely refused to play along. He refused to take a seat that he didn’t win.

The MassGOP thought that their dirty politics would go unnoticed. They thought no one was looking, and neither did Charlie. The difference is that, when many of his Republican donors, supporters, and colleagues acted shamefully, their pressure could not stop Charlie from doing the right thing.

He stood up for me.

He didn’t do it because he knew me. He had no idea who I was. He didn’t do it because he agreed with me. He was my opponent, and he ran against me. His reasoning was not result-oriented in that sense. Instead, Charlie stood up for us simply because it was the right thing to do, and that is all that mattered to him.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to support a man who does the right thing even when no one will know. Many political discussions, and many Thanksgiving dinners, need more Charlie Bakers at their tables.

Thank you, Charlie, for giving the Commonwealth someone to trust when we’re not looking.

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  • Sawx75

    I am thankful that we have honorable people in our party like Charlie and Luke Noble who did not take positions away that they did not earn. Character is what you do when you do not know that other people are watching, so I’m thankful we have people like that on our side.

    I am also thankful that we have on record those who did not do the honorable thing. Shame on them. It’s a good thing their attempt to keep the country club from expanding their tent failed, and  that we are stronger in spite of them.  

  • Newton4G

    I view the 2014 governor’s race as akin to the old Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s in that I wish all the current gubernatorial candidates could lose.

    Likely Republican nominee for governor: Charlie Baker.  Is it me, or is it highly inappropriate for a Republican gubernatorial front-runner to be to the left of Barack Obama?  


    For those of you who’d say “Baker’s a social liberal but a fiscal conservative”, if that is the case, then why did he publicly oppose the sales tax rollback?  Bill Heck made the best argument for rolling back the sales tax and why we needed to vote HECK YES on Question 3 in 2010.


    Likely Democrat nominee for governor: Martha Coakley.  Coakley hired Doug Rubin and Rubin was able to take left-wing Democrats like Deval Patrick, Dianne Wilkerson, Joe Kennedy III, Tim Cahill and Fauxcahontas Warren and portray them as fresh-faced progressive grassroots reformers to millions of the Bay State’s voters.  Of course, we all know her as the same old Martha who has based her career and self-esteem off of government money and politics.  If she’s elected, get ready for more taxes, more spending and more lavish benefits for unionized hacks.

    Independent candidates: Jeff McCormick and Evan Falchuk.  I was disappointed that Joe Malone left the GOP and announced his support for McCormick since McCormick has given money to left-wing Democrats like Bill Galvan, Mike Flaherty and Chris Gabrielli.

    As for Evan Falchuk he’s trying to position himself as a technocratic centrist calling for “socially progressive and fiscally pragmatic solutions”.  Based on his support for the graduated income tax and his inability to articulate how state spending growth has gone into spending categories (Romneycare, health insurance & retirement benefits for unionized bureaucrats and increased debt service) that would best be described as areas of bloat, it’s obvious he’s not the least bit interested in fiscal stewardship.  I can conclude that Evan Falchuk is a left-wing straw candidate based on his donations to left-wing Democrats like Ayanna Presley, Rob Consalvo, Cindy Creem and the Massachusetts House Democratic PAC. Hopefully he’ll straw off votes from Martha Coakley instead of Charlie Baker.

    Are we going to have a repeat of 2010 in which the MA GOP starves the bottom of the ticket in order to devote all their resources towards a top of the ticket squish?

  • …although I have to remind all RMGer’s that Charlie Baker has more in common with me, a liberal Democrat, than every BMG blogger I’ve encountered.    

  • As you admit, he had no idea who you were, so he obviously never had a chance to run against you. That was the whole idea, right? Did you even know who you were running against, or did you find out when you showed up? Did you even know you were running before you showed up? When did you know it, and who else knew?

    As to why he let you keep your seat, it’s because it wasn’t necessary to replace all 16 of the Liberty Slate kids once the nationwide picture was clearer and they were sure they had enough of a majority to ensure Romney’s nomination. And I guess he needs your vote, or maybe didn’t really want to go anyhow. Or maybe he was going to vote for Ron Paul on the second ballot also.

  • You’re a smart kid Evan, but you and I both know Charlie is going to lose. He is not going to lose because you and I may not help him, but he will lose because like his predecessor, the fake republican Downtown Scotty Brown who got rick-rolled by the fake indian Lizzy Warren, Chuckles Baker has no idea how to run a state-wide race, AND WIN. He will do the same exact thing Brown did, go to the conservative areas and waste time with the ppl who he knows will vote for him, and NOT GO to the inner cities and talk to minorities to pick up votes in those precincts. What good was Brown who couldn’t win a single precinct in Boston and what good will Chuckles be when he does the same?

    We should forget about Chuckles and his ilk and support Evan and the other municipal and state candidates who can do some real party building here in MA.

    That’s the long and the short of it, trust me.

  • Newton4G

    I’m happy to report that Shrewsbury small businessman Mark Fisher is announcing a run for the Republican Party Governor.


    He seems to be a more authentic and relatable guy than Charlie Baker.