The Hammer that will Destroy the Democrats and Restore Our Republic

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It is clear that Obamacare will be the straw the breaks the back of the Democrat establishment as long as the Republican establishment doesn’t bail it out.  Is it beyond possibility that establishment Republicans would do such a thing?  Recent history proves they would.

Consider the temptation for those who have already dedicated their lives to the acquisition of power.   Since the Roberts’ decision on the Obamacare mandate, politicians are empowered with a new right to affect millions of people’s behavior through their now grossly expanded taxing power.  

To most Americans, those who have not dedicated their lives to amassing power over other people, the thought that others would abuse such a right may seem foreign.  Yet as Lord Action astutely observed so long ago, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Establishment Republicans who value power over the principles that made our country great are very unlikely to allow this new right to fall without a fight.  

So it would appear inevitable that they will try to save Obamacare purely to preserve their recently expanded power; power they have dedicated their lives to attain.

Freedom loving Americans own the hammer, will they use it?

What can we do to stop this from happening?  A perfect storm is brewing and will soon come to fruition when it is apparent that the operational reality of Obamacare and the political reality of Obamacare are completely incompatible.  If citizens of our great country do not stand up and fight for the principles our country was founded such as free markets and individual liberty, most politicians in office today will work to preserve the immense power provided to them by the Roberts’ decision.  

The only way to stop this is to speak truth to power.

The reality of Obamacare is that it was never about health care or health insurance.  Rather, it was always about power.  Power over our lives.  Power over our personal information.  Power over our medications.  Power over every aspect of our lives.

The hammer available to citizens looking to save the future for our children is being led from our backyard, right here in Massachusetts, through the Right to Refuse Amendment Coalition.   This Amendment to the US Constitution will destroy this new right of government to tax us and future generations into just about any behavior imaginable.

The Right to Refuse has already been introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives by Steven Palazzo and in the Senate by Marco Rubio.  The Amendment reframes the discussion about Obamacare from the myth that it is about affordable health care, to the way it should have been framed from the outset:  Power over every Americans’ lives.

The Right to Refuse Amendment is simple, common sense, and almost impossible for any honest American to oppose.  It reads, “Congress shall make no law that imposes a tax on a failure to purchase goods or services.”

THIS is the hammer that will destroy Obamacare, the Roberts’ decision precedent, and separate the patriotic statesmen in Congress from the politicians seeking only to acquire power.

How we will swing the hammer

The Right to Refuse Amendment Coalition already has a simple yet powerful plan to put every politician and candidate on record regarding their position on the principles Obamacare is based, and in turn their position on the immense power grab the law creates.  The coalition is in the process of creating profiles for every congressman and candidate on our website as we move into the midterm election and forcing these individuals to choose whether they or not they are willing to advocate for the Amendment or not.

This tactic will make it clear to every American as each day goes by and it becomes more and more apparent that Obamacare is unworkable – that the reality of the law is not what was sold to America.  The Right to Refuse Amendment will underscore that power is at the core of the legislation, and support for the Amendment, or lack thereof, will make it clear which side of America’s future every politician stands.

If freedom loving Americans do not make such a bold move today, rest assured most politicians regardless of party will continue to frame Obamacare in the way that best suits them and their interest.

The Right to Refuse Amendment Coalition needs your help.  Time is not on our side and resources are low.  If you love your country and are concerned about the future for your children and grandchildren, please join in this immensely important fight.  Support the restoration of Americans’ right to refuse and save the future for generations to come.

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