SEIU Farce: Lefty union to stage hunger strike at MA GOP headquarters

(Street theater. Are puppets involved. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

The SEIU needs more members going forward. One way to reach that goal is to support Obama’s immigration reform. Today the union, along with the phalanx of usual suspects goes full frontal on the all-powerful Massachusetts GOP down at Merrimac Street. It will make for nice agitprop.

From Sampan.

BOSTON – Immigrant workers and their supporters will hold a rally for immigration reform in front of the Massachusetts Republican Party Headquarters in Downtown Boston on Tuesday in solidarity with the “Fast for Families.”

On November 12th, faith, immigrant rights and labor leaders launched the “Fast for Families: A Call for Immigration Reform and Citizenship,” taking place on the National Mall, steps away from the Capitol. Leaders and immigrant members of the community will fast every day and night, abstaining from all food-except water-to move the hearts and compassion of members of Congress to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

The rally at the Massachusetts GOP headquarters in Boston is one of dozens of actions taking place across the country in solidarity with the fasters in the nation’s capital. Immigration reform supporters nationwide, including some members of Congress, have also pledged to fast in solidarity with the “Fast for Families.”

“We want to extend unwavering support to the fasters around the nation who are bravely highlighting the moral crisis we face with this broken immigration system,” said Roxana Rivera, District Leader of 32BJ SEIU New England District 615. “We are holding this action to highlight the suffering of immigrants, and what this broken system has done to our families. We will leave behind old and worn shoes, empty of the persons who once filled them, as a symbol of those people whose presence has been taken away from us.”

Mayor-elect Marty Walsh’s enthusiastic cadre is taking on the GOP. Let’s see how this works out.

Memo to SEIU: more open immigration lowers wages for existing working class immigrants; it’s simple arithmetic in slack labor markets. For immigration to work, wages have to increase for current workers who make near minimum wages. But we know that it’s not just economics, SEIU’s support for immigration “reform” is political.

That’s what today’s rally is all about: building out the progressive movement.

One needs to hear what the members — not the leadership — of the the AFL-CIO’s private sector unions have to say about this.  

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    While the progressives rally to demand free healthcare, college education, welfare and housing for Mexicans who came here to pick lettuce, I will be staging my first ever shoe giveaway!  

    We will leave behind old and worn shoes, empty of the persons who once filled them, as a symbol of those people whose presence has been taken away from us.”

    While uneducated, disease carrying lettuce pickers from a drug-lord run country cast off their footwear in front of GOP headquarters – I am inviting Americans to come and take any pair of shoes they want – Free of charge!  While the ‘real’ unemployment rate in the USA continues to hover around 15% we find most people can not afford shoes.  If you can’t find jobs you can’t buy shoes.  Yet somehow immigrants seem to be able to leave their footwear behind.  Lettuce picking pays pretty well these days!

    So come on down and get a free pair of ‘gently used’ Stuart Weitzman tall boots – normally $595, but on Tuesday they are free!  How about a pair of ‘lovingly worn’ Sperry Topsider Authentic Original boatshoes?  Normally $79, but on Tuesday they are free!

    Don’t miss it folks – the great footwear giveaway from V3PN.  Pick up a pair for your 25 year old brother who is now forced to spend $1500 a month for health insurance because he smokes.  Or get a free pair of shoes for your uncle Harvey, who is trying to save as few bucks because his health insurance now requires him to have gynecological care at an extra $300 per month.  Savings for everyone…

  • That line is an absolute classic.  

  • Something stinks in Taunton, and that something is Marc Pacheco.

    According to the OCPF, he collects anywhere from $2000-$10000 per year from various SEIU PACs, the majority from out of state. That’s just the SEIU, not all unions.

    How could he possibly represent our interests if he’s gotten a fat pay day from these thugs every year for 20 years or more?

    I’m not running a campaign against anyone else but I can almost guarantee the SEIU has bought your local Dem hack like they bought mine.

    Unsurprisingly, unions and their allied grievance groups contribute far more to Pacheco than private donors do.  A lot more.

    Is it any wonder our state government is tone deaf to the vast majority of us?  It’s been taken hostage by the jackbooted thugs in purple shirts.  All the more reason to support the Chanels, the Paul Craneys, and the Chip Faulkners of the world as well as your favorite candidate- in district or not.