Republican beats 4 term incumbent Democrat by 2 votes

Last week’s recount of the mayoral race in Amesbury grants even those beyond Amesbury residents a victory on so many levels.  Thursday saw the confluence of so many divisions in the Republican party come together in the most united of ways for the common cause of democracy, and to help shepherd in a Republican to the highest elected office in the city.  Mayor elect Ken Gray survived a recount and increased his lead by one vote, from a razor thin victory of a 2 vote lead over a 4-term Democrat incumbent.  This, in spite of the machine, and even just after the Governor himself delivered a check for $1.4 million dollars just days before the election to the incumbent

On hand to help with the recount were Gray’s dedicated supporters, and people from as far away as Braintree’s City Councilor Sean Powers, and Milford’s Jim McKenna, 2010 nominee for Attorney General.  The Mass GOP leaders showed up in force, joined by Amesbury GOP Chair Erin Butt, Mass Victory Chair Ryan Coleman, and Grassroots activists like Sheila Mullins, and Alex Veras, (both State Committee candidates for the 1st Essex Senate District in 2010), as well as New Mass Playbook leader Dean Cavaretta.  This showing of such diverse factions of the party, shows that Republicans have entered a new era in working together towards the common good, and the farm team, and puts a very optimistic spin on building the party from the ground, up.   This all translates to victories for so many, on so many levels, and a great day for Republicans across the state.

It is an obvious victory for Gray, and all his supporters, that is expected to translate into a victory for all the hard working taxpayers of Amesbury.

It is a victory for all campaign workers, everywhere, showing that their efforts can payoff against the odds.

It is a victory for the underdog, against the well-funded, entrenched, machine that dominates our one party state, showing that the machine can be beat.

It is a victory for EVERY voter, underscoring the very important fact that EVERY VOTE COUNTS, and

It is a victory for Republicans across the state when all factions of the party come together, and work together, seamlessly to grow the party, and help each other out.

But most of all, it is a victory for Richard L. Newton, and it is a given that no one would be more proud, or happy, with yesterday’s recount results than Dick.

Dick was Chairman of the Republican Party in Amesbury when he passed away November 20, 2012, almost a year to the day Kenneth Gray would re-affirm his victory as Mayor of Amesbury.  Dick’s passing came only weeks after he worked tirelessly for candidates in the 2012 election, most especially, Richard Tisei, challenger to Congressman Tierney.  

Before then, Dick worked just as hard on many others’ campaigns after devoting himself to starting and building the Republican Party in Amesbury, and surrounding areas.  Dick, a selfless man with a huge heart, truly believed that positive change would come through helping good candidates get elected to public office, and in that vein, he was the inspiration of Kenneth Gray’s interest in entering the race for Mayor of Amesbury.  Some might say it was precisely Dick’s insistence, tenacity, and passion that pushed Mayor-elect Gray to run, and others who knew Dick, might go as far as saying he pushed Gray to victory.  RIP dear friend, and just look where all your hard work has lead!  

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