Over half of Mass Health Connector Employees made over $90,000 per year in 2008

Update : A spokesman for the Health Connector Authority has informed Red Mass Group that the salaries are from 2008, not 2012. The story has been corrected and the embedded spreadsheet will be corrected today.  Red Mass Group has asked for a full list of current 2013 salaries.

“The first time [the website] didn’t work at all,” he said. “The second time I got in but then it went black. The third time I tried logging on… they were doing some kind of maintenance.”

At one point, Freedner couldn’t get past a particular verification page.

“They said I was incarcerated,” he said, shrugging. He’s never been in jail. – WBUR.org

As the nation struggles with Obamacare, here in Massachusetts we are having our own problems.  This year the Massachusetts Health Connector rebuilt its previously functioning website to coincide with the Obamacare rollout.  This included using the same contractor as the federal Department of Health and Human Services.  The state site, according to published reports is not working.  You can also see average Massachusetts citizens stories on the Health Connector’s Facebook Page.

How much are we paying the people who decided to change the website, and run the connector authority?  Well over the state individual median income of $52,300.  In 2008, the year of the moat recent publically available data, over half of the employees made $90,000 or more per year (Boston Herald).  19 of the 43 employees made over $100,000 and only 5 are making under the median wage in the Commonwealth.

Are we getting what we pay for?  

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