Obama’s Impeachment: I Can Dream, Can’t I?

Given the lawlessness being perpetuated by President Barack Obama (& his obsequious lackey in the US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid), you’d think that the Republicans as an opposition party would begin the process of impeaching The One for the blatant unconstitutional actions he’s taken that threaten the viability of America’s constitutional republic. Obviously such a process would only happen should the GOP take over the US Senate in next year’s elections. But even then, I doubt that Republicans will have the guts to do the right thing. This is why:

1) Republican Are Bitterly Divided Among Themselves – With the current civil war now under way between the Establishment Republicans & The Tea Party Republicans, the party is going to be too self-absorbed with its own internal conflicts to even bother with uniting against the Democrats (let alone Obama). The GOP Establishment started the latest phase of this civil war at last year’s Republican National Convention when their faction approved rules changes that would make it impossible for even Ronald Reagan to be a delegate. With the slight-of-hand antics that were pulled at their convention, it’ll be equally hard for the GOP to attack Obama’s slight-of-hand tricks with the Constitution.

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2) The Democrats Will Successfully Intimidate The GOP – No matter how low a member may fall, the Democrats as a party are VERY good at protecting their own. No matter how negative some Democrats may feel about Obama, they aren’t going to let their personal feelings get in the way of business – & allowing the GOP to have ANY kind of victory is going to be bad for business. Under the New Left, today’s Democrat Party is now a form of organized crime; its members will do anything in their power to kneecap Republicans either directly or via drive-by balloting courtesy of the SEIU & other political mobs. Obama the man is less important than Obama the symbol. Hence any impeachment process instigated by the GOP against Obama will be used by the Democrats (& American Communists) as an attack against themselves, an attack against their constituents, & an attack against America itself by a bunch of white & yellow racists (with a few Uncle Toms thrown in the mix) protecting the inherited privileges of their greedy WASP masters.

3) The Media Will Fight The GOP – The mainstream media is – for all essential purposes – an ancillary arm of the Democrat Party. Consequently any action by the GOP to seriously go after Obama (or any Democrat leader for that matter), will result in said media questioning the sanity – if not the morality –  of the Republicans. Excuses will be offered by media talking heads for Democrats like Obama no matter how odious their actions & the GOP will be savagely attacked by the media on all fronts. It’s not enough that some of its stooges have wished that people would piss & shit in Sarah Palin‘s mouth in order to shut her up; they’d probably apply the same kind of thought process against anyone even THINKING about whether or not Obama should, could, or would be impeached.

Unless a foreign or domestic crisis of monumental proportions erupts due wholly or in part by actions (or inactions) taken by Obama & his administration, I don’t see him getting impeached before his term expires in 2017. By all rights he should be impeached. But sadly we no longer live in a country that respects right & wrong. And if we allow the seeds of the fascism this administration exemplifies to flower without uttering a critical word against it, then we shouldn’t be surprised to see our experiment in self-government wind up in the ash heap of history within a generation. It’s a terrible thought to contemplate & the contemplation can paralyze one into despair. So I’d rather fantasize that enough Americans will wake up to the constitutional crisis that confronts them, demand that justice be done against those who’ve ruined our system of government, & that consequently Obama will be impeached. I can dream, can’t I?

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