New Hampshire – Can I Propose a Trade?

New Hampshire GOP, could we here in Massachusetts propose a trade?  We will offer you our best player, the star of our team, to help you win back a Senatorial seat, but we need something in return.  We Republicans here in Massachusetts have been watching our donations and efforts go to your state for years, and we can ill afford to send our best talent to you as well.  So we would like to make a proposal.

We will trade Scott Brown for John Sununu, Sr.;  a trade of a Senator for a Chairman of the MassGOP.  

While the MassGOP has had dedicated Chairmen for the past decades, we desperately need a superstar leader to bring the party back.  Having watched jealously  during John Sununu’s several terms as the leader of the NH GOP, turning the party around and racking up huge wins for the GOP in NH, we would like to see that type of talent, that type of results, here in Massachusetts.

What do you think?  Do we have a deal?

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