Must see video for those looking to buy the Worcester Telegram

As a person who has been around paper and print for most of my professional life, I understand fully that print is not dead.  Its on life support, but good creative drives and feeds good print.  For those that are looking to buy the Worcester Telegram and Gazette now that John Henrey has put it up for sale, watch this TED Talk. It is given by Jacek Utko who redesigned the look of a few European newspapers and dramatically affected their sales, in a positive direction.

It is well worth the look.

About Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

  • Unless this guy is a complete fraud, he projects himself as the underdog designer changing the gray old lady.  If that’s true, it was a bottom up approach to magnanimous change.  He had a design vision and was given the freedom to use it.  You can’t recreate that from top down.  You have to hire well and empower people. Or in politics–embrace the change and turn the paradigm on it’s head.