MassHouse Passes Early Voting Law for 2016, and Online Voter Registration, 17 GOP Reps vote Yea

On Wednesday November 20, 2013 the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed H 3722, “An Act Relative to Election Laws”.  The vote was 142 – 10 (Roll Call 268).

The bill allows for, among other things, on-line voter registration, and early voting starting in the 2016 presidential primaries. The online voting will use the Registry of Motor Vehicles image of your signature to allow for online registration.

A list of the GOP members voting for and against the bill is after the jump.  

17 out of 28 GOP representatives voted for the bill.  They were:

Brad Jones, George Peterson, Betty Poirier, Jay Barrows, Nick Boldyga, Lea Cole, Angelo D’Emilia, Geoff Diehl, Kim Ferguson, Paul Frost, Randy Hunt, Marc Lombardo, Lenny Mirra, Shaunna O’Connell, Todd Smola, David Viera, and Donald Wong.  

10 GOP Representatives were the only votes against this bill:

Matt Beaton, Vinny deMacedo, Peter Durant, Ryan Fattman, Susan Gifford, Sheila Harrington, Steven Howitt, Kevin Kuros, Jim Lyons, and Keiko Orrall.

Representative Brad Hill is still undergoing cancer treatment and did not vote.

You can let these representatives know your feelings on this vote by calling 617-722-2000 which is the Beacon Hill Switchboard.

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