Mass Health Connector payroll increases by 16 percent since 2008, over half still make $90K+

Earlier this month, I reported on 2008 Massachusetts Health Connector salaries, stressing that over half of those employed by the Connector Authority made over $90K.  Jason Lefferts, Communications Director of the Authority, stressed that the data was five years old and “outdated”.  Red Mass Group requested the most recent data, and received it in a Friday news dump at 4:53PM on Friday, November 22, 2013.  

The data provided shows that since 2008, the connector authority increased the number of employees by 23%, from 43 employees to 53 employees and total salaries, not including benefits, increased by 16%.

Of the 53 employees, 28 make over $90,000 or 53%.  This is down from the 56% of employees who made over $90,000 in 2008.  While the percentage of those making over $90,000 has decreased, the percentage of thos making $70,000 or more has jumped from 72% to 83%.  $70,000 is well over the median wage of $52,300 per year.

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Taking a closer look at the salaries one sees that the average salaries of the top 22 wage earners has slightly decreased since 2008.  The bottom 21 wage earners have had their salaries stay mostly the same.  You also see that most of the net new jobs added are in the middle of the salary range with all of them being over $87,000.  You can see this in the graph below.

The salaries of the top earners at the Connector went down due to a 2009 Deval Patrick led restructuring of outside agencies payroll.  This is mostly seen in the salary of the executive director, which before benefits has gone down by 22%.  The rest of the salary structure however remains very similar.  

The fact remains that over 50% of the employees of the Connector Authority make over $90,000 and ten new positions were added at an average salary of $91,888.  The question remains, are we getting what we are paying for?

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