Look who’s anti-Science! It’s the fisherman’s friend Sen. Liz Warren

No Bay Stater is unfamiliar with the devastation of the region’s fishing industry. The ruin is caused not by the lack of supply of fish or the lack of demand but by onerous federal regulations. Fishermen possess the local knowledge (there’s still fish in the ocean) but far-removed Washington knows better.

Then Sen. Scott Brown was a great advocate of the fishing industry. So too apparently is the very politically wise senior Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In fact Sen. Warren, it can now be told in the shrillness of the warmists who probably promote fishing restrictions, is anti-science. Why believe fishermen when bureaucrats have all the “data.”

CBS Boston reports.

“You base all the management on best available science, now does that mean perfect science, of course not there is no such thing as perfect science,” says John Bullard of NOAA.

According to Bullard, the science says there is no cod. As a result they have cut the catch limit for fisherman by 78 percent.

Al Cottone says he recently caught his annual quota of five thousand pounds of cod. Not in a month or week, but in just five hours.

“There’s no cod out there,” says Bullard. “It’s not about science being right or wrong.”

Massachusetts senior Senator Elizabeth Warren recently held a hearing to listen to fishermen and scientists plead their cases. “I’m not comfortable at all with the science,” Senator Warren said. “We are in a crisis here, and we should have had disaster relief nearly year ago.”

Who knew? Sen. Warren is “not at all comfortable with the science.” Can we expect an outbreak of Koch Derangement Syndrome unleashed at our senior senator?

It’s nice to see Warren on the other end of “government knows best” mentality that relies on its own version of the facts on the ground, or is it facts in the sea.

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