Lantigua down by 60 votes to Rivera

Mayor Willie Lantigua (D-Lawrence) after ballots were counted, lost his re-election bid in Lawrence by 60 votes.  The final tally was 7625 to 7555 for challendger Daniel Rivera. This is a difference of 0.39% which is in the 0.5% which statute allows for a recount.  The recount is not automatic and must be called for by Lantigua.  Here is link to the process for a recount in Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts, recounts are a quasi-judicial procedure based on the General Laws, court decisions, and customs developed from practical experience. A recount is a straightforward procedure if all parties involved work from the same basic understanding of established rulings and if proper decorum is maintained. The rights of all principals are clearly delineated in the statute.

Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 54, section 135, and section 135A are the principal references for the procedures in this publication. Sections 134, 135B, 136, and 137 of chapter 54 also contain relevant information.

The following procedures apply to all offices and questions decided in all local and state preliminaries, state primaries, and general elections. Districtwide (including statewide) recounts after state primaries and elections (including presidential primaries, except for ward and town committees) have additional requirements which are specified in Part Four of this publication.

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