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We can all agree that Obamacare, the single largest federal program implemented in my lifetime, is now the biggest political disaster of the Democrat Party in the last 25 years.  

I vividly remember how Democrats mocked me for calling it ‘Obamacare’ as they argued; having the President’s name on it all but guaranteed his reelection.  Perhaps so, but ain’t payback a bitch?

Today, the President’s signature legislation is the laughing stock of any and all journalist’s efforts.  These are some of the week’s headlines regarding Obamacare and it’s ridiculous rollout:

1. “CNN: Obamacare enrollment a ‘complete disaster’ for Obama”

2. “This is as bad a political disaster as I’ve ever seen.”

3. “Obamacare is the worst motion picture disaster since ‘The Oogieloves’.”

4. “Why Obamacare horror is just beginning.”

5. Peggy Noonan: ‘ObamaCare Has Just Been a Disaster. I’ve Never Seen a Story Quite Like This’.

6. 4 Ways Obamacare disaster is worse than the sinking of the Titanic.”

7. “15 Democratic senators complain to Obama about Obamacare.”

8. Daily Kos Blogger: Obamacare Sucks.

9. Disasters of the Week! — Obamacare Website, Kim & Kanye, and Mean People!

10. No Hope Left for Obamacare’s Website, Techies Say.

And to top it all off – Bubba (former Rapist-In-Chief) has now officially distanced himself from the mess.  

So tonight I am going to just sit back and enjoy the show.  Its not often you get to see the Democrat Party implode due to one stupid Chicago socialist….

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    So today Obama is going to announce that he will allow insurance companies to continue to offer insurance plans that do not meet the Obamacare standards for one more year.  He is doing this because millions of Americans are complaining that their coverage is being dropped by the company they work for as the new Obamacare requirements are making the insurance policies too expensive.

    Note: whenever a politician suggests that something be delayed for a year it is ALWAYS to get his ass past the next election.  Think about that for a moment – the US healthcare system is in a disastrous state and the only thing Obama can suggest is to kick the can down the road in order to save his fellow Democrats re election campaign bids!  This is a purely political move!  There is nothing to help the consumers.  This is perhaps the most obvious unethical behavior of any politician ever!

    This doesn’t help anyone who has already had their hours cut below 30 per week in order to reduce them from full time to part time.  This does not help anyone that has already lost their coverage as the companies they work for won’t reinstate the policy once canceled.  This move will only slow the damage on a temporary basis.  

    Procrastination is not a fix!

  • Sure, there were no mass policy cancellations – but the price inflation was there, and should have been obvious.

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    Pride goes before the fall.  

  • TheDeuce

    No charges will be filed in Zimmerman dispute

    Police in Lake Mary, Fla., released a report saying that there is “insufficient evidence” to prosecute the case because forensic experts could not recover video from an iPad that George Zimmerman allegedly damaged during the altercation. The iPad belonged to Shellie Zimmerman.

    Investigators sent the iPad to the U.S. Secret Service for examination.



    US Secret Service:  What video?  We searched this thing for months we can’t find shit!

    Angry Mob:  FUCK YOU!!!!  LOOK AGAIN!!!!

    US SECRET SERVICE: Look guys we have serious shit to do!  There’s no video OK?  Now we have to go back to protecting the President!

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    It just keeps getting better:

    Mr President: Tear down this website.

    Colo. man signs up for his insurance, his dog gets covered instead.  If a dog gets covered then how many illegal immigrants are signing up?  

    Healthcare.gov ‘may already have been compromised,’ security expert says.

    Some DC exchange plans cover elective abortion, but not hearing aids.  I guess they have both death panels and deaf panels….

    Barack Obama, aka the Captain Schettino of the Costa Concordia of federal healthcare plans, finds himself going down with the ship.  The Dems have grabbed every lifeboat and are now fighting for the remaining personal political flotation devices known as ‘Gee, we were mislead’.  In the meantime Obama’s approval ratings have dropped to 37%, which basically means that if voters got a receipt at the voting booth they would ask for a full refund of all their ‘hope and change’.  Except for the black people who will gladly fall on any sword for their beloved leader…Yes We Can!  Yes We Can!

    I guess the Affordable Care Act is just that – an Act!  It is not affordable, its just an act.  Everything Obama promised his sheep has failed.  He said it would lower costs and it did just the opposite.  He said we could keep our doctors and many of us can’t.  He said it would grow the economy and it hurt the economy.  He said the website would work and it didn’t – and it won’t… He said it was not a tax, and it is….  What is next Mr President?