Global Warming Update: 1,000 record low temps set in last week

The story is here:

The link above is interesting as it highlights cold weather headlines from around the globe – not just one town or geographic area.  It includes Greece, Macedonia, Canada, Alaska, The Balkans, South Pole, etc….

Does this mean the earth no longer has a fever?  

Update: No polar bears have yet been sighted in New York City as predicted by most of the looney tree-hugging global warming alarmists…

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  • FreedomTrail87

    Really, we need to stop associating conservatism with this low-brow, anti-science rhetoric. We look incredibly dumb when we profess to the world that we don’t understand 8th grade earth science. If you don’t understand why the earth is warming, then stop talking about it. Volatile temperature fluctuations are bellwethers of climate change, and a string of record lows (followed by another unusually warm spell no less) support the science rather than detract from it. Please stop tainting conservative thought with this embarrassing denial of science. MA is supposed to be the brain state, is it not? Our conservatives need to be smarter than in other states where scientific research gets far less credit. Come on people.